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Describe the company – the elevator pitch:

Gluru is the smartest to do list available, that supercharges both personal and professional productivity. Period. It helps you know what to do, how to do it, and when it’s done by connecting to your email and calendar data (Gmail integration only available now with others arriving soon). As a result of our multi-patented approach to artificial intelligence (AI), which encompassess a combination of machine learning and natural language processing, Gluru stays on top of your to do’s so that you can focus on what really matters. Essentially, it is the predictive technology that understands how you work and play, then learns how to assist you throughout your day. Through each interaction with the app, it becomes smarter and smarter.

How are you different?

The main way that we differ from other to do lists on the market is that we proactively identify things that you need to do based on your previous correspondence, documents etc. Essentially, while other to do lists are reactive, we are proactive. Instead of simply listing the tasks that you need to accomplish, we go one step further and suggest potential actions you could take in response.

If you would like to try us for yourself, you can download us either through the Apple App Store, or through the Google Play Store. Alternatively, you could go to our website ( where you will find all the necessary download links.

Why will the company/product do well?

We are the next generation of artificial intelligence powered to do lists. Through our multi-patented approach to natural language processing and deep learning, there is no other to do list that compares. If you look at other so-called ‘productivity boosting’ applications, they are mostly reactive, while we’re proactive in the sense that we suggest actions that you should take. Essentially, we help you navigate the data that you already have, and don’t confuse you with too much unnecessary, additional information. Even as things stand we are way ahead of the game, but we still have many more amazing features and developments in the pipeline.

Where are you based?

We are based in Shoreditch, London, between Liverpool Street and Old Street station. At the heart of the Silicon Roundabout, we simply cannot think of a more conducive environment to work in than where we currently are.

When was the company launched?

Every day, each of us a faced with the daunting task of navigating the complex abyss that is our inbox. Not only are we constantly bombarded with hundreds of emails asking us to do this or that, but we are also required to manage our internal, instant messaging (IM) systems. As a result, most of us lose a lot of time searching for lost items such as our previous correspondence with clients, the minutes taken from last quarter’s’ meeting, or spreadsheets for the up-and-coming board meeting.

Having finally had enough, we came up with Gluru. With its conception stemming as far back as 2014, we only launched the first version of the app in September 2015 with the main goal of enabling humanity to get more done by simplifying their conversations, products, services and devices, and connecting what needs to be done with how to get it done.

What have been your biggest wins to date?

In 2016, we were voted the ‘Best AI Start Up’ at the AIconics awards, and were also featured in The Guardian’s ‘Best apps to help you achieve your resolutions for 2017’. Furthermore, since the product’s public launch in September 2015, we have had a presence in 184 countries across the globe.

What type of people (market segment) are you trying to attract to your product?

We have built a technology that can be applied in many different areas, with the client product being just one way of demonstrating that to the public. We want to create something that targets predominantly knowledge workers and professionals who have to regularly deal with lots of information. We want to foster a healthier way of doing work by enabling people to avoid procrastination and promote a philosophy of planning and then executing efficiently.

For example, Gluru is immensely useful for anyone that likes to save time, stay focused and be well organized. People who have huge amounts of information and need to know where to focus their attention and what to do next. These kinds of people could include, but are not limited to, sales people, HR executives, accountants and lawyers. Alternatively, you could just use it at home – it’s entirely up to you!

Tell us about your team?

Our dynamic team hails from the likes of Google, Apple, Shazam and Microsoft Swiftkey, and consists of individuals who are at the forefront of their respective industries. Despite this notable business background, our team has an equally impressive academic one, with many of our employees possessing Masters and PhDs in machine learning, neural networks, ontologies and natural language processing from the likes of Oxford, Edinburgh and Cambridge.

What are you long term plans for your product/company?

We plan on becoming the number one productivity app available on the market, catering to all of our users’ needs. Not only do we aspire to enhance the lives of each individual user through enabling them to accomplish more in less time – therefore freeing-up their schedule so that they can spend their valuable time on more important things – but also to be the go-to productivity boosting software that all companies rely on.
If one looks at the AI market now, it is currently based on Narrow AI, which essentially means AI that only solves one problem at a time. However, our intention is to become the backbone of other smart platforms by understanding what you want to accomplish, and then delegating the AI to achieve that specific goal. We would act as the medium that takes your data, processes it, and then understands that there is something that you are trying to complete. In a sense, we would be replicating the cognitive behaviour of the human brain!

What are your favourite tech gadgets?

This is a tough question to answer because as a team, we are constantly on the lookout for the newest and coolest tech gadgets available. In fact, our offices are full of an array of different gadgets ranging from personal assistants, WiFi enabled speakers and wireless racing cars! Having said this, however, I would say that the one we use the most on a daily basis would have to be our awesome personal assistant. It is truly amazing the things that you can ask her!

What tech gadgets do you wish you could use to help you?

If you look at the smart personal assistant market now, it only really seems to have been developed for household environments, not really for office ones. So, I would suggest that an office-focused smart personal assistant would be quite useful! For example, imagine if you and a colleague had arranged to meet in the office at a specific time on a specific day. As soon as you both walked into the office on that day, the smart office assistant would automatically register this and book the room for the agreed time! How awesome would that be?

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked?

Our commitment to the community.
When developing any software related products, it is always essential to remember that this industry is all about people! Not only the people that use the software, but also the people who develop it. All of us here at Gluru are here because we want to help people. We want to help people achieve more in less time, enabling them to spend more of their precious time where it matters the most – like with their families. We’re not here for the money or fame, we’re simply here to work towards developing an app that will benefit all of humanity.

Furthermore, we believe that every company, regardless of its size, headcount or profit margins, should be committed towards giving back to its community and using as much of its resources to benefit society. As a result, to minimise our offices’ impact on the environment, we have gone completely paperless by ensuring that all of our work is done online, and only very seldom do we actually print-out documents.
In addition, we frequently take part in charity fundraising events. In fact, we are currently training towards the London Superhero Charity run taking place on the 14th of May in Regent’s Park, where we will be dressing-up and participating in the run (the training is the easy part – coming up with a costume, however, that’s the hard part!) With Cancer currently accounting for around 29% of total deaths in the UK, we decided that we will be running on behalf of the Cancer Research Fund UK. To donate, you can follow this link: .

How do people get in touch with you?
For anyone that would like to get in contact with us, you can send us an email at: [email protected] Alternatively you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@Gluru_), Instagram, LinkedIn or Google +. We’d love to hear from you!

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