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Describe the company – the elevator pitch…

Expertise Direct is an online platform aimed at supporting consumers to access a global community of experts with just a few clicks. Consumers connect with experts via secure, online, HD video consultations. The platform also enables experts to take their traditional business online and access consumers globally. Experts have the ability to set their own hourly rates and to decide when, where and with whom they wish to work. The goal is to become the Amazon of Expert Advice- to centralise and make available the world’s expertise.

How are you different?

Expertise Direct offers its consumers a one-stop-shop solution of global expertise in a wide range of categories. The platform enables experts in a wide array of traditional professions to access potential clients from all over the world and to achieve an unprecedented degree of work-life flexibility. It is free to get started – no signup fee and no monthly membership fee.

Why will you do well?

Commenting on this, Co-founder Timothy Woods explains the team’s obsession with providing value to both the platform’s consumers and its experts. “We speak with many of our users on a daily basis, using their feedback and thoughts to make sure our vision for the platform going forward aligns with theirs. It’s about convenience and control. We want to give as much power and flexibility to our users in terms of how they leverage the platform. We want to give everyone the opportunity to swap those mornings spent sitting in traffic, for a nice cup of coffee at a location of their choice.

Where are you based?

The team is predominantly based in Dublin.

When was the company launched?

The platform went live to both consumers and experts on 8th January 2018 after 2 years in development.

What have been your biggest wins to date?

Building a strong community of 150+ experts (from over 12 countries/ 5 continents), in advance of our launch. We’ve spent the past several months talking to experts from all over the world about Expertise Direct, and seeing them grasp onto our vision has been a rewarding experience for our team.

 Who are you trying to attract to your product?

Anyone who wishes to spend more time where it matters most, with family, friends, or doing things that they enjoy. Expertise Direct gives our users and experts this freedom. Now nobody needs to be denied top quality expert advice based on geographical restrictions, and traditional businesses can reap the benefits of working online.

What tips would you give to others looking to build their business?

From the outset you need to point yourself in the right direction by having a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve. The smaller details will change day to day but provided that you have this overriding vision, you can take small steps towards it every day and continually make progress.

Tell us about your team?

Expertise Direct is the brainchild of the three Woods brothers Timothy (21), Kevin (19), and David (18). The idea stems from the experience of two of the founders, Brendan and Timothy, travelling 100 miles for a 15-minute meeting in 2015, battling stormy weather and a flat tyre. The brothers recognised that there had to be a more efficient, convenient and reliable manner in which to conduct business and thus Expertise Direct started development.

What are your plans for the future?

Expertise Direct will continue to expand its community of consumers and experts, further centralising the world’s expertise. We aim to be a global player – the Amazon of Expert Advice.

What are your favourite tech gadgets?

When we’re working and out during the day our mobile phones are certainly the most useful piece of tech that we carry {Samsung Galaxy S8}.

Anything else you’d like to add/we should have asked?

The full list of categories of expertise on the platform includes: Business & Finance, Medical, Legal, Education, Architecture, Counselling, Web & IT, Marketing, Health and Fitness, Wedding & Event Planning, Private Investigation, Psychology, Animal Welfare, Agents and Interior Design. This is not a closed list and Expertise Direct will be expanding this list going forward

How do people get in touch with you?

Expertise Direct is now accepting consumer and expert registrations. For more information go to:

Official Website:

 See links to our Facebook and LinkedIn Accounts.

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