Clearvision are team of software development experts who help customers scale and improve software delivery. The team recently opened a new office in Dublin but the company has been established in the U.K for many years, working with well known companies such as Aer Lingus and Paddy Power.

We caught up with Operations Manager, Mark Crutchley, to find out more about the company and to discuss their plans for Ireland.

Q1 Hi Mark, thanks for taking the time to do this. Can you tell me about the services Clearvision offers?

Thanks for having me! At Clearvision our aim is to enable our clients to build better software. Our services enable organisations to utilise best in market software building infrastructures and processes. Clearvision’s offering can roughly be split into 5 main areas:

-Software. Tools developed by our in-house development team, which enables organisation to build better software programs.
-Consulting. We have a team of experts that specialise in software development tooling and processes. Our two key consulting skill sets are the  Atlassian suite and Open Source version control tool GIT, but all our consulting team have a broad range of software building skills and industry  background.
-Training. Our training team provide classroom, webinar and elearning solutions to organisations worldwide, particularly for Atlassian and GIT. Other  popular courses include Agile Scrum Certification.
-Support. Our internal support team provide an expert resource for a number of companies globally for the Atlassian tools, version control and our own solutions.
-Software Development Environments in the Cloud. Clearvision enable organisations to outsource the operation and maintenance of a software development infrastructure, leaving our customers teams just focused on building great software.

Q2 When was the company founded and can you tell me about the journey to this point?

Clearvision was originally founded in 1997. Back then we were part of the IBM Tier One partners program. We’ve always been involved with software change and configuration management but in recent years we’ve broadened slightly to cover the entire discipline of software development.

Moving away from partnering with IBM was our biggest transition. We aligned ourselves with Atlassian, an Australian company, who specialise in software development tooling. Clearvision have quickly grown to become their largest partner in Europe and second largest in the US, growing five-fold under 5 years. We also placed more of an emphasis on open source tools, a huge growth area in the software development industry.

AUG - Dublin Office Opens

Q3 As a U.K. company, what were the motivations for expanding into Ireland?

Put simply, it’s where our customers are. As the technology hub of Europe, Dublin houses some of the biggest organisations that, we believe, can benefit from our expertise.

As Operations Manager for Ireland, I have been growing the Irish market for a number of years. Working closely with Atlassian, Clearvision now work with the largest enterprises in Ireland and Northern Ireland, including Intel, Aer lingus and Paddy Power.

Q4 How many jobs do you see Clearvision creating in the short and in the long term here?

We recently opened our first office in the Guinness Enterprise Centre, as you covered here on Irish Tech News. We’re currently recruiting for technical staff to be based in Dublin.

Q5 Can you tell me some more about the team behind Clearvision and the staff that will be working in Ireland?

The Clearvision team already actively work with Irish based customers and are seasoned software development professionals. Irish based customers would benefit from the experience gained from years of worldwide onsite assistance for organisations such as HSBC, Avis and Cisco Systems. Our Agile practices specialist Andy Carmichael has also written published books on software development process. Clearvision personnel are involved with many software development industry events including in Ireland.

Q6 For any company reading this article, what benefits do you feel your software and services can offer them?

I suppose our key aim is to provide complete peace of mind for software development teams, providing them with the best software development infrastructure and processes. We enable teams to concentrate on building great software and not spend valuable time on configuration and maintenance of software development environment.

Spectrum on Computer

Q7 You’ve recently released your flagship product Spectrum. Can you explain to our readers in more detail what Spectrum delivers?

Spectrum delivers everything a software development team (of any size) needs to deliver quality software – from requirements capture to testing and delivery.

Combining commercial tools such as those included in the Atlassian suite, with open source tools such as Git, Spectrum is an ALM solution that delivers far more flexibility than any other suite available.

As well as the best of breed tools, Spectrum ships with exemplar processes developed by our team and can be deployed on the cloud or behind the firewall in 48 hours. Once deployed we can support the entire environment too. Effectively we allow organisations to out-source their development infrastructure and focus on what they’re good at, developing software.

Q8 You mentioned that the 4 key areas you cover are Software, Consulting, Training and Support. We’ve covered Software so far. Can you give me an overview of what you offer in the other 3 areas?

Sure. As a company we share resources and knowledge to provide an expert resource to our clients. Our consultants, trainers and support team are all experts in our core competencies; Atlassian tools, version control and agile development.

Our consultants are available to clients with specific issues such as migrating from one tool to another (ClearCase to Git for example) or rolling out Atlassian JIRA across a large organisation.

We offer a number of training solutions, in the classroom, online via webinar or via eLearning. We can also develop bespoke courses around client needs.

Lastly, our support team are on hand around the clock for any queries with Atlassian tools, Git and more. We offer pre-paid or monthly support contracts.


Q9 What other markets does Clearvision operate in?

We work with clients all around the globe but our core focus is in the UK, Europe and the US. We have offices in Southampton, Philadelphia and Dublin. All of our clients rely on us as a resource for software development.

Q10 For anyone interested in exploring your services further, what’s the best way for them to get in contact with you?

Our website is the best resource for an overview of our services, You’ll find all of our contact details on the site too. Alternatively contact us on+44 (0) 845 459 9530 (UK Tel) or +1 (215) 854 4055 (US Tel), or email [email protected] (Ireland Operations Manager)


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