Guest Post from Jamil Hasan

1 min pitch for what you are doing now?

I’m Director of Business Development- Americas for Stankevicius MGM. We help both traditional and tokenized clients.

With traditional clients, we simplify blockchain technology for fund managers and show them how to use it to increase profits. Our unique program is designed to help our clients increase profits by at least 24-36% in less than two years. When you sign up for our program, blockchain becomes easy to understand and is turned into a cash cow!

With tokenized companies we help them achieve their global marketing objectives. We offer full global solutions in news releases, digital media, television coverage and social media curation that easily attract investors. We create custom solutions based on our
clients’ needs and increase their global exposure by at least 400%.

Both solutions leverage our powerful relationships with our global media partners.

How was the last year, what worked well, what didn’t move as quickly as you would have liked?

The last year was an excellent learning experience. I earned a hands-on PhD level education in Blockchain and grew my professional network dramatically.

I wrote two books; one is a chapter book and one is a solo book. Both are international best selling books on Kindle. My solo book Blockchain Ethics: A Bridge to Abundance was a labor of love over several months. I also served as an advisor to both Asset Token and the aHa Token. Asset Token enabled me to write creative content to help the team market the project. I wrote several articles on Medium, press releases in global media, and even guest articles in Irish Tech News. The aHa Token enabled me to help make a difference in the world by building relationships with persons that later became seed investors in the company.

What didn’t move as quickly was my business practice because the transition was challenging and the industry learning curve was steep. I had spent my entire career in both middle and back office operations in major corporations. Transitioning from successful database, business, and technology builder at AIG and other Fortune 100 companies to first-time entrepreneur and sales executive was a major challenge. I needed to go from a 100,000 foot view of the world where I dealt with global, unstructured data to a ground level view where I helped people directly. It took nearly a year and I stumbled along the way. Because of it, I feel I’m in a great position now, by learning from both my successes and my mistakes.

What are your plans for the future?

I’ve had to change directions quite a few times this past year due to the strict regulatory environment here in the United States. I’ve been told that I have changed my mind throughout the year and I was not focused. It’s true that I pivoted quite a few times. Each time I pivoted was as a direct result of the government commissions updating their stances and rulings. I shifted my business models to ethically comply with and honor the rules of my country whether or not I personally agreed with them.

I feel my skills, education, and experience enable me to be a difference maker in the industry, just in a different way than I had originally intended. I plan to continue to help token companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars in marketing by delivering tangible results. I also am actively increasing my focus on helping fund managers use Blockchain technology to return to historically high profit levels. I’ve built two Asset Management reporting departments in my career before. I feel my combination of both Blockchain and asset management experience can make a positive impact for managers who don’t know how using Blockchain can dramatically reduce redemptions and improve their profits.

What will you be talking about at this event?

I’m going to be discussing how any company can globalize using our efficient, cost effective build a community based, loyal customer
base – and how fund managers can use our globalization methodology to build dominant Blockchain strategies that create massive competitive advantages and income.

What inspired you to sponsor it?

Some of my best mentors, advisors, and business partners encouraged me to begin engaging with the crypto community at conferences.
I was all set and ready to attend a recent conference. The week prior I was grocery shopping on a Sunday morning and I received a call from my wife that it was raining in our basement. It turns out that we had a major flood caused by the refrigerator cylinoid
breaking. I ended up staying at home that week to attend to the major damage we incurred and oversee the repairs. I could not attend that event and started looking at other conferences – those that I felt were the most ethical and that also enabled me to interact
with the community. I saw that some of my teammates on the Asset Token team – Simon Cocking, Sally Eaves, and Amar Singh – were speakers at prior World Blockchain Summit events. I realized this global summit was the event for me. I’m honored to be able to
be a part of it.

Which influencers and websites do you follow to keep up to date with the latest developments?

I greatly admire Sally Eaves, Simon Cocking, and Amar Singh. They are very talented and have inspired me to do my best work as their teammate on the Asset Token team. I also see James Sisneros, Founder of aHa Token, as a visionary leader who to me exemplifies resilience. I admire the work Krissy Smith is doing with her community in Coatesville, PA and sponsoring the Erasing Family documentary movie. I believe Dennis Lyon, CEO of Asset Token, is one of the most brilliant inventors in the world.
Stankevicius MGM is launching a new crypto magazine called MONEY IN CRYPTO

– to keep readers up to date on all things Blockchain. Stankevicius MGM is now
giving BETA access to a few Crypto companies where they can publish unlimited content for free and have their own publisher account.

How can people find out more about what you are working on?

My website is and it details our global marketing offerings. For the Summit, I have created a program that helps six VIP clients build their Blockchain knowledge base, discover their power in this new digital global economy, and celebrate their success. The package includes VIP at the Summit, two-week intellectual retreat led by me and some of the brightest minds in the industry in the Canadian Rockies, and a whole major celebratory package including global news coverage, television show, magazine articles, being part of a documentary, social media curation, VIP treatment on all future news coverage, and more. Interested persons should get in before June 30th and contact me at
[email protected] if interested.

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking

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