“box” design and manufacture a range of products to assist us in our connected lives. They produce a range of products which will help you charge and power your mobile devices while you’re on the go, in your car or at home.

“In 2013 a group of industry veterans came together with a goal of developing a range of products that add discreet value to lives. Products that compliment our lifestyle, are beautiful in their design, deliver value for the consumer and above all keep us connected. 3 years on whilst our range has expanded, our core vision on connectivity remains unchanged. We are now found in 15 countries, online and in over 2000 retail stores.” said Ben Hutton, Director, box.

box have sent us a number of their products to review. They include the “SurgeSmart” extension lead with built in USB ports and surge protection, a 6000mAh Portable Tablet Charger and the “CarSmart” USB charger.


Manufactured from a single billet of Aluminium, and available in silver and black, SurgeSmart has been designed to protect your valuable hardware from the daily power fluctuations that can take place in our homes and offices.

The unit has 3 domestic plugs and also includes four intelligent USB ports. The USB ports automatically provide the correct charge for your device and prevent overcharging. The USB ports will allow you to remove some of the old plug in chargers you have been using by connecting directly to the extension lead. It removes some clutter which is always welcome when it comes to cable management. If you have any Apple computers on your desk or near by, this extension lead will feel right at home next to them with its aluminium finish. Rather than being something that is usually hidden under the desk, the SurgeSmart is well designed, looks good and is something that you’ll have no problem having out on show.

The SurgeSmart is underwritten by a €25,000 insurance policy which is aimed at providing peace of  mind for consumers concerned about protecting their hardware from damage caused by power fluctuations.


As car chargers go, this is probably the nicest one we’ve come across. The unique design keeps bulk to a minimum and can deliver a combined 9.6A through an intelligent charge circuit.

The CarSmart has enough power to simultaneously charge up to 4 tablets and comes with a 1.5m cord so it can be used anywhere in the car. The CarSmart is designed to work with both 12v and 24v circuits to cater for both domestic and commercial use.

If you regularly travel with children in the car and they use tablets or DVD players, this is a very handy device to power them all while still having enough ports free to charge your phone. The unit is available in both white and black.

Portable Tablet Chargerimg_1190

The Portable Tablet Charger is an 6000mAh external battery aimed at keeping you powered up on the go. The unit comes with two intelligent USB ports so you can plug your phone or tablet into either without issue. The Lithium Polymer battery also supports simultaneous charging of two connected devices.

The unit again is easy on the eye and fairly compact given the rating of the battery. While it looks like aluminium in the pictures, it is actually soft to the touch. There are four LED indicator bulbs on the front to show you the charge level of the battery.

The unit took around 4 hours to fully charge when connected to a UBS port on a computer and we easily got two full charges of an iPhone 6 in testing before we were down to one bar. After a few charge cycles this will no doubt improve further.

All of the units we covered are available to purchase directly from the box products website and from a number or retailers in Ireland, both online and in store.

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