Last Friday another Milestone was reached here at Irish tech News when we published our five thousandth article. When I joined Irish Tech News back in December 2014, we had already reached another milestone having just won the Best Science and Technology Site at the 2014 Realex Web Awards. Our latest milestone follows on from us getting verified by Twitter earlier this year, winning the best digital and tech website at this year’s blog awards, and releasing a podcast, which quickly became one of Irelands top tech podcasts, and our five thousandth article also happened to be our latest podcast.

Over the past 23 months I have written a lot of articles and recorded 64 podcasts and below you will find some of my favourite articles and podcasts.

When David Bowie died earlier this I wrote an obituary to him as a he was pioneer in music and technology. Some of the things we take for granted now had been done first Bowie, including releasing music online that you can download, and streaming a concert online.

Having met and interviewed a lot of start-ups over the past 23 months, I noticed what successful  entrepreneurs had in common and in my article, are you a tech entrepreneur I discussed this.

One of my first articles for Irish Tech News was about Linkedin security and spam issues, where I discussed how Linkedin groups where been pestered by spammers making these groups worthless. Within two hours of my article been published, a Linkedin spokesperson contacted us with a statement which I added to my article, and this made me realise that my article had been read by somebody in Linkedin and that Irish Tech News was been read by the companies we were writing about..

Writing for Ireland’s number one technology website means that we get the opportunity to visit and see things that are normally out of bounds and I was lucky enough to visit a data centre last year, but the most memorable was when I got invited to visit the Mastercard Innovation Labs earlier this year. I had assumed that Mastercard just did credit cards but in my article about the products they are producing in their innovation labs you can see how wrong I was.

When I stared doing our podcasts I did not know how successful they would be and I got to interview people such as one of the Dragons on RTE’s Dragons Den along with a Start-up who investment from her on the show, a French astronaut who helped repair the Hubble telescope and a TV producer who made two shows that have become cultural phenomenon’s.

Eleanor McEvoy is one of the Dragons on RTE’s Dragons Den and when I was at the Digital DNA conference earlier this year in Belfast, I interviewed her for my podcast and you can listen to it here.

When I interviewed Eleanor, she told me that Sproose a company that she had recently invested in on Dragons Den was with her in Belfast and she offered me the chance to interview the two co-founders. Sproose had been on Dragons Den less than two weeks before Digital DNA and I was the first journalist to interview them since they won Eleanor’s backing.  You can listen back to my interview with Sproose here.

One of the biggest stories of the past few years has been the Panama papers and I was the only Irish Journalist to interview Eddie Sheehy the Irish CEO of Nuix the Australian company that provided the technology used in the Panama Paper investigations. Whilst other journalists where writing about the Panama Papers, the technology used to make this story was just as fascinating and you can listen back to my interview with Eddie here.

Marc Smerling is a TV and film producer who had had two shows, Catfish and the Jinx become cultural phenomenon’s over the past 5 years. I interviewed Marc when he was over in Dublin to speak at MediaCon and you can listen to it here.

Jean Francois Clervoy is a French astronaut who has been on two space shuttle missions including one where he helped repair the Hubble telescope and earlier in the year I interviewed for National Space Week. Jean Francois’s fascinating interview can be heard here.


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