By @SimonCocking interesting interview with Daniel Kaminski De Souza who is the Ethereum Classic co-founder, and Head of Blockchain Development for CCEG (Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise & Governance) UN Lab. He is also an advisor for the ongoing innovative Seratio ICO.

Business Showcase : Seratio ICO token for social good

What is your background briefly?

I am a research and development electronics engineer experienced in industrial large-scale software development. My blockchain passion motivates my interest in expanding the capacity of blockchain technology.

My academic background is:
– Electric Engineering with emphasis on Electronics and Telecommunications
– A Masters in the field of Advanced Controls with Artificial Intelligence.
– Diginomics Solidity Programming Course

When things calm down I also plan to do my PhD and become a blockchain teacher.

I’m also involved in Electronics, embedded software, internet of things, and AI.
I’m the regional head of control algorithms at Electrolux with a broad range of activities for appliances including electronics, embedded software, internet of things and AI fields.

Tell us about your involvement in Ethereum Classic and blockchain?

I am the Ethereum Classic co-founder, and a technology evangelizer and community leader. Ethereum Classic surpassed USD 2.1 billion in market cap in less than a year since its foundation. At Foundups I am also the co-founder, CTO and visionary. Here my focus is on scientific and technological issues related to artificial intelligence and the blockchain. At CCEG (Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise & Governance) Blockchain UN Lab, we are developing the use of Blockchain technology to enable the movement of non-financial and social values focused on the United Nations Sustainable Development goals. I am also giving training on Ethereum programming to selected startups.

What is the CCEG Blockchain lab working on?

This is a global Think Tank institution for developing the use of Blockchain technology to enable the movement of non-financial and social values focused on the United Nations Sustainable Development goals.

1 min pitch for what you are doing now?

At CCEG basically I am ensuring the consistency of our blockchain strategy and a smooth transition in the approach of the next phase of our blockchain based business development activity.

I spend part of my time studying the developments of this fast running cheetah and figuring out how they fit in the landscape to promote a solid exponential growth of relevant businesses ultimately transforming the world into a better place for all of us through the power of the circular economy augmented by blockchain technology.

I also teach blockchain development to teams, interested people and partner startups.

The development of crypto wallets, smart contracts, DAO’s and a new governance model are among the latest projects I’m developing. Some of my spare time I contribute to the Ethereum Classic community where I’m known as Prophet Daniel. People gave me this nickname because they believe I’m tactful around making prophecies.

In the last month I’ve being developing together with a talented therapist Leticia Stella Caro and sound team, a free mobile software for people to live better with a technique called Self Therapy and Free-Mind.

How can people find out more about what you are working on?

I’m not the type of guy who often is marketing developments.  I follow my beliefs and focus on delivery and productivity. People can watch my GitHub profile for the public repositories I’ve been working on.

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked you?

At the Blockchain Library organization there are some articles I started.

Especially this one is at the core of the judicial system and I think the concept will soon revolutionize how judgements are done. It needs to be elaborated a little further though.
Related to the above article, I believe anonymity rocks, especially because it is not well explored today! That is changing though with the blockchain and cryptography. So people should get anonymous names now if they don’t have one yet. And then start getting listened by their ideas not because of who they are! In case one is not heard, or it is ahead of our time, or it needs to come up with better elaborated ideas. Either way people should get their ideas published. In the other hand being known as a public person brings a strong example for others to follow or to avoid. So combined anonymity and publicity might be the sweet spot to contribute the most.

You can better understand my blockchain life here, and in these following posts of mine 1, 2 and 3. I decided to be part of CCEG because I am confident we are working on key elements (Mainly GOVERNANCE) to disrupt society and improve life on the planet. Eradicate hunger, wars, unemployment, multiply happiness and wellbeing.

Transform the society for good by technology means.

We are creating the foundation for organisations evolution. Biological organisms took millions of years to evolve to current intelligent forms. That is why natural solutions have an astonishing built-in intelligence often hard for humanity to surpass. But there were always constraints and performance indicators. And evolution happened basically optimizing the outcome and reducing the constraints costs in every single dimension relevant to life.

What are your parting thoughts?

Blockchain technology it is the most powerful magical wand for our future. Let’s make sure it will be used for enlightened purposes.

How can people follow what you are working on?

You can see more about me here


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