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Block Estates is creating the world’s first comprehensive real estate platform which will enable a diverse range of transactional capabilities by utilising crypto and fiat currencies combined with secure blockchain technology and smart contracts. All this can be done whilst maintaining the best safeguards available.

Block Estates will initially launch asset-backed tokenized real estate investments. Investors can access these investments by purchasing Block Estates ERC20 complaint tokens and enjoy the benefits that will be attached to these tokens including income, profit share and token price appreciation.

Block Estates’ overall business model encompasses the creation of a real estate industry ecosystem powered by a blockchain platform. This will provide a frictionless, borderless and efficient system to facilitate a wide range of real estate related services where transactions between parties will be undertaken in real time whilst utilising a safe and secure system.

The introduction of vertical tokenized services in addition to investments is planned to enhance our service offering and position Block Estates to become a global leader in the Real Estate Blockchain market. The proposed services will provide new and increased revenue streams for the Block Estates platform and ultimately for token holders. Furthermore, our target market will be greatly expanded and the Block Estates platform will facilitate a diverse range of services and functionality to this expanded market.

Block Estates offers a realistic way to profitably use the breakthrough technology and ideology that blockchain represents. This can be done via the platform that we’re currently developing which will provide a streamlined gateway for users to participate in global real estate investment and management via a blockchain platform. The platform will allow users to invest in real estate assets, trade Block Estates or any other tokens, manage assets and buy/sell/trade crypto and fiat currencies all from within the Block Estates dashboard. Our platform will be accessible from a web browser or proprietary app and will allow users to transact easily, safely and securely.

Block Estates’ token holders will have the ability to hold, view and manage all their Block Estates Tokens plus third-party digital assets within their Block Estates Wallets. Furthermore, with Block Estates users will get exposure to lucrative opportunities allowing them to build their wealth and hedge the values of their investments. All this can be done from with the Block Estates dashboard.

Development will be undertaken over three phases with development of phase 1 being well advanced as at July 2018. Launch of our beta platform with initial investment features is scheduled for early August 2018 with more functionality being progressively added. Phase 2 and 3 will add increased platform functionality including real estate asset investment, management, trading and monitoring. Block Estates aims to achieve this through development of a proprietary platform plus integration with third-party private and governmental organisations.

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