blend is a spice blend recipe app for the iPad. It features sixteen classic recipes from all over the world. The recipes are accompanied by custom photography, videos and illustrations.

The App itself is visually impressive and designed to take full advantage of the tablet form factor. Once you launch the App you are asked which spice you’d like to blend. You can then swipe between the 16 different options to choose one. The different spices are further categorised by which meat they are suitable for, which region they come from and their heat or spice level via the search function.

Once you decide which spice you want, the App then tells you what ingredients you’ll need and gives you directions for preparing it.

There are also instructional videos attached to each blend for things like roasting and blending and at the bottom of the screen there is a slider which presents information on the different ingredients.

blend has been developed by Eoin Doyle and Elizabeth Maybury as their major project for the MSc in Creative Digital Media at Dublin Institute of Technology.

Lead developer, Eoin, graduated with a BA in Creative Digital Media from IT Tallaght, before working freelance for several years with small businesses and local musicians. He returned to college in 2012 to complete the MSc in Creative Digital Media due to the shift to mobile technologies.

Since graduating with a BA in Visual Communications from DIT in 2008, lead designer, Elizabeth, has been working as a graphic designer for a variety of clients, but with a particular focus on designing for the artisan food area. She returned to DIT in 2012 to complete the MSc in Creative Digital Media.

blend is available for free in the App Store now.


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