A new leak for the BlackBerry 9900 ( and the 9860 ( has been found.  From testing it appears that there’s some small changes to the theme and the appearance of the new Battery saving mode which when turned on should save your battery when it gets to a set %. Remember leaks are not official and therefore could have problems. If you need your device to work perfectly then dont install these leaks. You can download them below and if you need instructions on how to install then click here:


Let us know what you find in the comments section. It’s too early to tell how this leak effects battery life. On my 9900 I’ve been running it for about 12hrs now and the OS seems to be a little smoother then the previous leak, 205. I’ve noticed a media share option in the settings now (under media folder, options) but I’m not sure how it works yet. If I figure it out I’ll post back otherwise if anyone figures it out please share in the comments section.



BlackBerry 9900 OS

BlackBerry 9860 OS


UPDATE: By turning on media share you’ll see an icon in the top right hand corner lika a play button inside a tv screen on your BlackBerry. You can then open windows media player and your BlackBerry should appear in there. Pretty neat.



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