Autoaddress, the leading provider of Eircode address capture services in Ireland, today predicts that Black Friday will soon overtake Christmas as the busiest home-shopping delivery period of the year.

This is based on information which shows that the number of deliveries in the week following Black Friday in 2017 jumped 48%, while current activity in the days leading up to this year’s Black Friday week and weekend is already up 17.5% compared to the average week.

Moreover, these statistics – based on traffic from the Autoaddress app which is used by delivery drivers in Ireland – also show that there is only a 5% difference between the Black Friday peak and the busiest Christmas delivery days.

Last year, only one of the top three busiest days for deliveries was during the Christmas spell, demonstrating that Black Friday is gaining ground on the festive season. While Wednesday 20th December took the top spot in terms of the number of deliveries, the other two busiest days fell around Black Friday on Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th November.

Pat Donnelly, the founder of Autoaddress, said: “Based on the information we have, the 2018 Black Friday and Christmas periods could be the best so far for Irish retailers, and will reflect the dominance that online shopping now has among consumers.

“As well as providing an ecommerce offering, businesses need to do what they can to help the delivery process. In Ireland, 35% of addresses are not unique, so you can imagine the issues that can occur during the delivery process for both shoppers seeking to input their address details and delivery drivers looking for particular locations.

“At Autoaddress, we help make couriers’ lives simpler and easier by ensuring that consumers can enter in the correct address, helping to identify the most efficient delivery route and ensuring that parcels get to the right place.

“A successful and swift delivery can be the difference between a failed sales opportunity and a completed purchase, which is why retailers have to ensure that their checkout process is as streamlined and straightforward as possible, including elements such as address validation. If not, they will fail to capitalise on the promise of peak shopping periods such as Black Friday.”

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