Benjamin Kraus, the 13th largest miner and United Nations blockchain advisor joined the advisory board of Russian based blockchain project Descrow.

Ben has advised the United Nations Economic Business Advisory Council on digital currencies and blockchain technology since 2015.

He studied finance at Rutgers Business School, and started mining Bitcoins in 2010. In 2013 after raising investment capital he turned Kraus Industries into Asia’s first Bitcoin mining corporation. By June of the same year, Kraus Industries became the 13th largest miner. As part of BTC Guild mining cooperative, it temporarily achieved 51% control of the Bitcoin network through strategic early investments in SHA-256 ASIC technology for Bitcoin mining.
In 2014, recognized for his early achievements and contributions, he was accepted by the United Grand Lodge of England and became a Freemason at the age of 25.

This year Ben joined an advisory board of a promising blockchain project with Russian origins, Descrow. Descrow is the world’s first platform for secure ICO-investments with an inbuilt mechanism of decentralized escrow, which allows the backers to control the spending of the finances via voting.

The project’s mission is to make ICO the less risky way of investments and eliminate the excessive distrust of the potential backers to the new startups, giving a boost to the further ICO market growth.

“DEScrow suggests a smart way to secure funds. Distribution of investments with aa help of escrow handled in a decentralized way and a smart-contract may become a new standard of ICO,”—commented Ben.

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