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Irish Tech News spoke with Aline Noizet, Business Development Director Europe at Health 2.0 and co-organizer of Health 2.0 Europe what the conference was all about and why it was a MUST attend.

When is it on?

May 3-5 in Barcelona. It’s a 3-day conference.

The first day will be devoted to workshops, while the main conference will be held on day two and three.

What’s the history? How many years has it been going across venues?

Health 2.0 conference started in San Francisco eleven years ago. The first conference was a small meetup, but it’s grown from there.

Two years after, we started the first European conference. 2017 is the 8th year we’ve held the conference in Europe.

We’ve done it in Paris, Berlin and London. We’ve been holding it in Barcelona for three years and it’s here to stay. It has worked very well for the last two years, delegates like it in Barcelona, we like it.

There are five other international annual Health 2.0 conferences every year spread out across the globe, from Latin America, the Middle East, India, Japan, Korea and China.

What was the inspiration to start it?

The co-founders Indu Subaya and Matthew Holt realised that some entrepreneurs were developing digital health solutions that could really impact the way healthcare was delivered, but they were doing it in an isolated way, in their garage/house.

Health 2.0 started to give them a stage while bringing together all the other actors of the ecosystem, to encourage synergies and collaboration, help them find investors, partners, clients and eventually move things forward in the delivery of healthcare.

What exciting things can people look forward to in Barcelona?


In Health 2.0 Europe, we don’t just talk about the issues that are affecting the healthcare system, but we’re showcasing solutions that are bringing answers to those challenges.

We really take into consideration all the different actors of the ecosystem

We will have different panels focusing on a range of topics, with companies giving four minute live demos on their solutions.

Each topic focuses on different aspects of the eco-system. Example of sessions are tools for hospitals and healthcare professionals, tools to empower patients, new business models for insurance companies, pharma 2.0 session, mental health, etc.

What’s new this year are transversal innovation tracks focused on blockchain, genomics and Artificial Intelligence. 2017 is the first year we’ll be focusing specifically on these topics, they’re very trendy and will have a huge impact in healthcare, so we are very excited to have those session as part of the conference.

We also have very exciting keynote speakers – Vladimir V. Makarov Deputy director of The IT Department of city of Moscow, Roberto Ascione, CEO of Healthware international, Michael Seres founder of 11-health and great patient advocate and Lisa Maki – CEO of PokitDok, a US based company that developed Dockchain, a blockchain for healthcare solution.

Another highlight of the conference will be the dual keynote from Shafi Ahmed & Rafael Grossmann. It will be the time that they are doing a joined keynote together. It promises to be epic and mind and eye blowing.

On the 1st day of the conference, we also have two not-to-be missed workshops: Doctors2.0 and one Patients2.0.

Doctors2.0 is an event for-doctors-by-doctors, talking about innovation & digital health. We want doctors to ask the questions they never dare asking in other conferences about adoption of new technologies, implementation, regulation, etc.

Patients 2.0 will be a town hall for patients where the whole audience will be able to participate. We’re going to discuss the relationship between healthcare providers & patients and how difficult it may be to navigate, and some feedback from patients who’ve been in the system for a long time. We’ll also talk about co-creation of healthcare between healthcare professional’s and patients and some we will have some demoes of solutions specifically developed to empower patients.

So A LOT to be excited about

What opportunities are on offer for people/startups/investors and companies attending?

We have such a variety of different topics. There is something for everybody.

It’s a very international conference. On any of the panels, we have a maximum of two people from the same panel to bring more variety to the discussions. The attendees are also coming from all across the globe. Last year 550 people from 47 different countries came to the conference.

Health 2.0 Europe is really the place to be if you can meet potential customers, partners & investors.

Talking about investors, we will have our famous EC2VC – Investors’ Forum and Pitch Competition, running now for the 6th year.  45 investors specializing in digital health will be attending.

What tips would you give to people attending to get the most out of it?

Look at the program prior to the conference and note down the session you are interested in! They are intense 3 days, the conference will be over before you know it!

Download our conference app, connect with attendees and request meetings.

Make the most of the networking sessions, coffee breaks, cocktail reception… visit the exhibition area etc.

Take advantage of our co-located events:

. healthio, a new type of tradeshow, organized by itineraries, where people will be able to try out the latest innovation in healthcare.

. EHealth Competition, a competition where the best digital health SMEs will be rewarded. This year there’s a special focus on diabetes.

. EHealthHub, an EU funded project, will propose different activities during the conference: Investment readiness workshop, regulatory workshop…

All all that for free, as it is supported by the EU Commission, as part of H2020.

How can people book tickets / when does it usually sell out?

Go directly online to the Health20 conference website to register.

You can use discount code CHPM17 to get 25% off the ticket price. Note prices go up on the 1st April so hurry up.

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked?

Why don’t you come to the conference yourself in Barcelona in May and ask me directly?

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