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 What is your background briefly?

I am an inspired visionary blockchain entrepreneur with vast experience founding and developing innovative blockchain projects and automating and scaling up digital marketing processes. For the past year I focused?on ICO technology, founding a trailblazing token launch platform Cryptonomos, which has just successfully completed the WTT token launch for Giga Watt – a megawatt-scale crypto mining company. I came to blockchain sector in 2014 and immediately got involved with cryptocurrency mining assets, including mining facilities and capacities. I was a founder and former CEO at AppinTop – a successful automated mobile marketing platform for app developers. I also founded and promoted AdtoApp, the programmatic mediation platform for in-app advertising, based on adjustable algorithms matching the supply and demand sides. I founded and developed – a market leader in automatic search engine optimization. I wrote books and articles on?internet marketing and blockchain technologies. Over my 14-year career as an internet entrepreneur I developed numerous digital marketing and blockchain products.

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Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

Absolutely! My entire career served as a foundation for what I do now.

1 min pitch for your current business?

The past couple of years saw the rise in the number of conducted ICOs. But the technology remains hard to access and correctly implement, and it is still very expensive. The market is rapidly growing, the ICO experts are in short supply, and the prospective clients are forced to spend months on waiting lists while busy turnkey ICO agencies get around to serving them.

One day, Anar and I were discussing the situation with our old friend and colleague Mike Raitsyn. And Mike came up with the brilliant idea of automating the ICO process – all three of us used to work on many advertising and IT automation projects. It was during that conversation with Mike that we realized that we can combine forces to tackle the problem of the poor scalability of ICO technology. And just several months later we did!

Now we are looking to democratize this exciting new market, providing a reasonable “in” to non-blockchain businesses, to stabilize the ICO market and to minimize the risks for both the token holders and the prospective ICOs.

How have the last 12 months been?


Is there anything you would have done differently?

Work more & faster.

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Why are we seeing so many ICO launches now?

Because this is financial future in the making. And with the help of ICOBox it’s now even easier to be a part of it.

How does ICOBox help people who are thinking of doing one too?

We came up with a way to automate many ICO technology components and systematize legal and marketing details, which will help startup teams conduct their own ICOs, in some cases even for free. To do that, ICOBox is conducting its own ICO first, offering our ICOS token to potential token holders. The funds we will attract will pay for ICOBox’s fixed-price tools, which will be given to promising new projects to conduct their ICOs with. ICOBox’s team will screen, and the ICOS token holders will vote to select such projects. ICOS token holders will also be able to comment on prospective ICO projects, essentially giving project teams feedback and helping shape future ICOs. In exchange, the teams will give the token holders a fixed number of their future tokens, which will be exchangeable for ICOS tokens with an average of 75% discount if ICOS token holders so choose. Basically, it’s a win-win: startups can do their ICOs at a reasonable price, or even free, while ICOS token holders get to acquire new ICO tokens at a very attractive price and support new market actors.

From your own successes, what tips would you give to other people looking to launch an ICO?

It is important to realize that the ICO legal framework is in the early stages of its development. One has to pay close attention to legal compliance. In some countries – for example, in Japan, cryptocurrencies are officially recognized, and certain other countries do not allow them at all. So before embarking on an ICO projects need to carefully contemplate their token structure, and use professional ICO services if their teams do not have sufficient experience conducting ICOs. For potential token holders we recommend to closely study the project’s White Paper, and to weigh the risks and benefits of each product. There are many exciting projects about to come out on the market, and ICOS is a safe key unlocking deep discounts on many of them.

 How can people find out more about you, your writing and what you are doing?, fintech events and my books.

ICO [Initial coin offerings] – How to buy supertokens, a primer by Nick Evdokimov

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