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2030 The Driverless World – Business Transformation from Autonomous Vehicles

Every day the Internet gets bigger and stronger, so do the risks to individuals, businesses, educators, parents and youth. Today’s special guest, Frederick S. Lane is an expert on the subject and will share stories and tips that will enlighten and empower you.

Lane is an author, attorney, expert witness, and professional speaker on the legal and cultural implications of emerging technology, with a particular focus on law, privacy, cybersafety, and ethics. A graduating from Amherst College and Boston College Law School, his experience as a law clerk and later private practitioner, led him to launching a computer consulting business. He is a successful author, lecturer, and computer forensics expert. We will be talking about his latest book, Cybertraps for Educators and Cybertraps for Expecting Moms and Dads.

With the most recent example of a worldwide ransomware attack, this topic is both timely and critical for understanding the power as well as the pitfalls of all forms of electronic communication and what you can do to protect yourself and your company.

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