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Everything around us is being automated, slowly taking us to a new autonomous world. We have the power to automate payments, set schedules for repeat mundane work with our apps. Can we take this power further to automate our lives further? What if our car can turn the heat on 30 minutes before our driving time on a snowy cold day?

Some automation such as the self-driving car is a big change to society while automating my thermostat to turn down the heat during the day is a small change. Which ones are we ready for as consumers? What should we do as small business owners?

These are the questions I explore with Sudha Jamthe on today’s LinkedIn Lady Show. Jamthe is debuting her new book, “2030 The Driverless World – Business Transformation from Autonomous Vehicles.” It is a time traveler narrative from 2030. It focuses on how self-driving cars need to share the road with human-driven cars and talks about social human nuances on the road such as honking and jay-walking.

Autonomous World

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