Oh my! I have found an awesome new toy! I know there are always new things coming along in the social media world and it’s really hard to keep up. But this……this I LOVE!!!

I was introduced to Blab by Jenny Brennan, I had no idea it existed (which is probably the beauty of it at the moment).

It’s in BETA mode so there are still some glitches but this is a great time to join in as there aren’t too many people using it yet.

You can position yourself as the authority in what you do and invite leaders and influencers who you admire to join you.

What is Blab?

Think of it like Periscope or Meerkat.  People coming in and meeting them online on video. 4 people can take part on the screen, and others can join in and comment while you speak. They can also ask questions. Most people doing the Blabs already know how to do Live streaming from having YouTube or Periscope accounts for example.

Twitter folk are really going to benefit from it too as it so easy to sign up from Twitter.  You can click on peoples’ profiles and go straight to their Twitter profile to follow and connect with them there as well.  I have found some awesome people already!  I would never have found them if it wasn’t for Blab. I even have some Blab collaborations coming up too!

Some tips for Blab:

Have a great camera and mic to make you stand out (make up is always a good idea but not essential, I have joined in, in the spur of the moment)

Great tip from Neen James is to get a professional background with your branding on it! And a light.

/Q if you use this you can ask a question. On the comments side this highlights that you have a question for the participants.

/topic – If you are a participant on Blab (on the screen) this is how you can change the topic of conversation. As we all know topics can change if the conversation goes on a while. You can tweet out what is going on as Blab have made it really easy to click ‘Tell a bird’ (Tweet) so your followers can come on to join you!  Awesome!

What makes Blab so special? Last night I was on a blab with Joel Comm who I’ve admired from afar on Twitter! What an awesome opportunity this is for small business owners!  You might get a shout out when you join in or comment, or you might even get asked to ‘Take a seat’ and join in the Blab! I had this chance and when I joined in, a bug showed there were 5 of us on the Blab!  So we were all very excited to be part of this ‘first’.  I love the spontaneity of it!

What do I predict will happen with Blab?  This is not a fad, this is a trend. People are going to love it because:

1. People can connect and chat to influencers who they admire and follow.  They can get answers to questions they always wanted to ask them.

2. Isolation and loneliness will be no more! If you are feeling a bit lonely, just join in a Blab!

3. You can position yourself as the authority in what you do, build up a following and promote your upcoming books or online/offline events

4. You can get on the radar of influencers you admire! Just joining in on the comments and chat alone grabs their attention.

5. If you do a Blab yourself you can engage with your audience and make them feel really special by inviting them on to join in the conversation!

This is a huge opportunity for Authenticity to shine! I’ve joined a Blab in my pjs! With no make up! So check it out now and I’ll see you over there!

Samantha is passionate about assisting others to get on and use Twitter. She regularly runs Twitter workshops around the country to help people achieve this. The next workshop will be held in Dublin and booking details can be found here

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