Amazon finally announced their entry in to the Android tablet market this week with the unavailing of the 7” Kindle Fire.


As expected it will run a version of Android that Amazon has cooked especially for it’s device.

Everything about it is designed to tie in with existing Amazon services and is sole minded in a way.

Some features, such as 3G and a camera, that people may expect to be included in an Android tablet have been omitted.

In place of these, there is offers for Amazon’s services such as “Prime” (which still isn’t fully available on these shores)


If you love your Kindle this may be the device for you. It is a natural progression and will offer some much needed new features.


For everyone else that is expecting great things to come from Android tablets in the near future, I can’t escape the feeling that this tablet is probably going to do less for Android’s cause than it is good.


There’s no getting away from the fact that Apple’s iPad can still do more and offer more, but by Amazon pricing this device at $200 they may very well have found the key to competing with Apple. When people are making their mind up on which device to buy, nearly $300 cheaper might just sway people towards Amazon’s device.

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