The Dublin based blockchain start-up checkitsreal has been set up to detect and eliminate counterfeit products to ensure a safer marketplaces on a global scale. Using QR codes to distinguish between real and fake commercial goods from pharmaceuticals to clothing. Behind the blockchain databases are a team of highly trained advisors, specialists and technicians with years of experience behind them.

Gavin McWhirter is an England based marketing, sales and development specialist with over twenty years of experience in these specialised fields. He spent ten years as an advisor to Enterprise Ireland – the Irish government’s export agency – helping Irish technology companies grow their businesses in the UK. He continues to advise start-ups across the UK whether in the private, public or charity sectors with his business Digital Islands. His focus has been on the practical implementation of successful sales and marketing plans that achieve sustainable growth.

Checkitsreal’s simplicity and potential was what drew Mr McWhirter to the company as their UK Market Ambassador. The company’s homepage advertises the fact that one million people a year die due to counterfeit medicines. Stopping and reducing this is what checkitsreal aims to do as well as providing details on the authenticity of consumer goods such as whether a Gucci handbag is actually what it says and not a knock-off. The applications of checkitsreal blockchain identification system has numerous applications which makes it a business suited to many different fields.

Mr McWhirter has a wide variety of contacts in a great deal of professional fields throughout Ireland and the UK. These contacts will allow him to sell checkitsreal throughout multiple varied industries allowing the blockchain company to grow itself. “Of all the potential applications, checkitsreal is the first concept which not only did I fully understand, but I could see the massive potential.” Along with his capability of supplying industry contacts to have their products checked by checkitsreal Gavin has experience consulting with stakeholders, building specifications for new solutions and engaging with suppliers early on in the process.

The ICO of checkitsreal will create a utility token. Manufacturers will be able to buy these CIRTokens which will grant them access to the services and codes provided by checkitsreal. The funds raised by the ICO so far have been used to hire a sales and marketing team of which Mr McWhirter is a member. Gavin McWhirter, being a part-time tutor in a business college in Sussex, has a great deal of experience with the way businesses work thanks both to his work in business education and his decades of experience in the challenging world of start-ups.

Mr McWhirter is a member of one of Ireland’s most senior start-up teams with the likes of their CEO Charlie Sherlock, co-founder Christopher Karatzinis and strategic ICO advisor Simon Cocking. When checkitsreal launches its invite only round to its ICO on 6th April 2018 Mr McWhirter and the team will be continuing the journey to bring checkitsreal to the world.

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