checkitsreal, a Dublin based Blockchain start-up, has announced that they are launching an ICO, beginning with an invite-only round on 6th April, 2018.
checkitsreal is an app-based ecosystem built on Blockchain technology to support product verification and traceability which helps detect and eliminate counterfeit products.

checkitsreal produces QR codes and verification services across all market sectors, from pharma to clothing to aircraft parts.
Manufacturers use checkitsreal QR codes to identify every item they produce, allowing for full visibility through the supply chain.
checkitsreal users simply scan the QR code with the checkitsreal app to verify that the product is authentic.

Commenting on the company’s progress to date, Charlie Sherlock, CEO, said “We have built up a brilliant team in checkitsreal. We have two patent’s pending on our technology and we have interest from a wide range of manufacturing sectors in our solution set”.

“In the ICO we will be creating a utility token, called CIRToken. These tokens will be used by manufacturers to purchase our services and codes. This creates a very healthy and growing business demand in the market. As our clients increase, so does the demand for CIRToken’s. The supply of CIRTokens is fixed, generating a healthy market liquidity.”

“Our product is real, it’s downloadable now” said Charlie.
checkitsreal will use the funds raised in the ICO to fund the development of the product and to develop a sales and marketing team. “We have many different use cases for checkitsreal” said Charlie, “and we have a lot to do in terms of R&D!”
checkitsreal has one of the most senior teams of any start-up in Ireland, including Christopher Karatzinis, Martin Wickham and John Hand, who are all full-time members of the exec team, and Simon Cocking, who is on board as a strategic advisor.

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