Interesting interview with Alexander Vaccaro, Senior Linux System Administrator and Crypto Advisor for C3C ICO which has just commenced its public presale.  C3C is a token based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. It will later be converted into its own blockchain, powering payments for connecting creators, publishers and advertisers. See more here to learn about the tokensale.

What is your background briefly?

I have a strong IT background, which has been really helpful within the blockchain world. I’m currently working for the Italian Post in  the centre of excellence in Rome, Italy,  running AI projects and anti-fraud systems. I have been working in the IT area for 17 years now. I have been doing more than 3 years in the fraud management system, more than 3 years with java python development, more than 5 years in the data warehouse environment being a project manager. All of which helps to give a great overview of many important isues that ICOs need to consider.

Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

Sure, as it helps me to understand quickly how things work. Being an It Advisor for many projects requires several capabilities and knowledge, that’s why I only work with interesting and significant projects,  I also prefer to be focused on something that can have a strong impact on the future.  The experience I have helps in the cryptocurrency world as you can understand how a blockchain works and you can be able to write down proper codes for libraries and multinodes. I can also suggest to projects how to develop the right blockchain for helping them with the right language to use or helping them looking for skilled programmers (for instance in the technical interviews as well). I’m currently working as Pre-sale Project Manager in a very important Italian company with 153k employees.

1 min pitch for what you are doing now?

I’m helping projects to improve their weaknesses by advising the best solutions.
There are many projects asking for my help, but I needed to make a deep dive and research before accepting which ones to work with, and that’s why I’m here with C3C!

I also want to mention that I have an important role in Linkedin, with a log of members asking me questions when I publish or share a post. People trust me, that’s why I can’t let them down. I’m quite popular and trusted there, so anytime I publish or share a post I get a lot of private messages from people who want to get more details about a specific project or info about it.
It is happening with C3C project too as my contacts on linkedin are looking for informed opinions before investing (I have almost 1000k members, 80% within the crypto world).

Why did you get involved with this ICO?

As I mentioned above, this is a very interesting project with a great future, in my honest opinion. I deeply study a project and his team before accepting a role on board, because my face is associated with it.

Why do you think it is such a powerful idea?

Basically because of the idea itself… and there’s a great team involved… I have been chatting several times with the team, and they have a deep knowledge of the area, a great idea, and the expertise to make it a success too – what’s not to like!? Apart from knowing and trusting the CEO (which is very important as I’ve been working with him on other projects too) I got involved in this ICO as I’ve been studying it and loved the idea regarding advertising without intermediators. As I said it must be a brilliant idea looking forward to the future and must also be a project with a serious team working on it with a strong background, as that’s at least 50% of what you need to succeed!

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