AdaptiveMobile, the world leader in mobile network security, announced today that it has been selected to protect a leading operator group in Europe against SS7 network abuse. The company has been working with carriers across the world for the past 18 months to secure vulnerable networks from SS7 abuse. AdaptiveMobile has been at the forefront of delivering ground-breaking real world intelligence showcasing how SS7 networks are being exploited and steps the mobile operator community should taking to prevent future attacks.

“Attackers are now using increasingly sophisticated approaches to compromise the security of SS7 networks,” said Brian Collins, Chief Executive Officer of AdaptiveMobile. “The level of complexity of abuse detected, such as global tracking platforms, should be of concern to operator networks who do not have sufficiently sophisticated controls in place to protect their subscribers.”

AdaptiveMobile’s SS7 protection has been recognized by the Industry for its unique three-point defense against SS7-based threats, which combines a next generation Intelligent Firewall and advanced security analytics underpinned by a global threat intelligence service from the company’s world-leading Threat Intelligence Unit. Customers of AdaptiveMobile’s Threat Intelligence Unit are increasingly seeing the benefits of community-based intelligence sharing.

“From our investigation of SS7 traffic with operators worldwide, it has become obvious that every operator has some level of unwanted and potentially malicious SS7 activity on their network,” said Cathal Mc Daid, Chief Intelligence Officer of AdaptiveMobile. “Concerned operators – like this European operator group – are now taking firm steps to build in protection, enabling them to deal with threats that have been currently detected and equipping them to respond to future attacks over the SS7 network.”

Sitting at the heart of more than 75 operator networks worldwide, AdaptiveMobile protects one-fifth of the world’s subscribers, witnessing in excess of 30 billion mobile events every day from across the globe and is uniquely placed to identify, protect and remediate against the widest range of threats attacking mobile networks.

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