The programming technologies that enable developers to craft business solutions do not remain constant. To stay ahead of the curve, it is very important for programmers and developers to match their pace with new and trending technologies despite other factors contributing to the success of their careers. This article helps you glance at the most trending technologies of 2019 programmers must master to step up the career ladder.

Top Technology Trends of the Year for Programmers

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already become an integral part of our lives and is still the hottest trend for follow. Our life style and living standards have been drastically upgraded because of AI’s futuristic features and modernistic way of delivering user experiences. Data science technologies- machine Learning (ML), deep learning, and natural language processing (NLP) along with artificial intelligence have not only captured information technology but every industry sector. Artificial intelligence or AI mimics human intelligence have immensely bolstered our decision making capabilities and integrated with machine learning helps businesses attain at par profitability by rendering exquisite customer experience. Speech and face recognition, robots, smart homes, auto-driven cars are some of the real-life examples of AI.

According to an industry prediction, there will be 23 million AI jobs by 2020.

The average salary of a data scientist with AI expertise have been recorded as $128,041 per annum on that clearly articulates brightest career option in this IT domain. It is highly recommended to acquire proficiency in programming languages like Python, R, Prolog, C++, or Smalltalk, Node.js application development etc. with in-depth understanding of platforms like TensorFlow, Keras, Accord.NET etc. to comprehend this niche technology.

The advent of blockchain took the digital world to a new level with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Adding utmost security to the virtual currencies by encrypting them, blockchain enabled its users a unique way to make immutable transactions. The consensus-driven blockchain introduced decentralized the control of the data while keeping the investors anonymous and eliminating the role of any trusted third-parties to oversee your transactions. Intuitive features like fault tolerance, lower transaction costs and anonymity have made it various cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Stellar, EOS and others widely popular in a short span of time. portrays jobs involving blockchain development skills as the second-fastest growing category observing an average of 14 job openings for each one blockchain development professional.

A blockchain developer registers an average salary of $97,095 per annum as per a survey of The demand for blockchain developers is ascending at the greatest pace creating boundless job opportunities for aspiring blockchain developers. To catch hold of this most progressive technology, one must acquire across the board know-how of programming languages  and frameworks like Node .js, C++, Java, Python, Simplicity and Solidity. Learning tools such as Geth, Mist, GanacheCLI, Blockchain Testnet, EtherScripter and BaaS can contribute to take a lead in blockchain related roles.

DevOps is a methodology to develop business solutions while ensuring flawless coordination between the development and operations. DevOps aims to reduce the software development cycle by integrating developers and operation teams with automated infrastructure, workflows and continuous administration of the application performance. Primary objective of DevOps lies in streamlining release processes and addressing concerns regarding regular updates, fixes and continuous evolution of the software to reduce the time to market the product.

As per a prediction, by 2025 the global DevOps market will be valued near USD 12.85 billion as 18.60% CAGR was observed last year.

The most recent report on mentions $121,924 per annum as the average salary of a DevOps engineer. DevOps is being globally registered and adopted by organizations rapidly. Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, and GitHub are some of the most recommended tools to learn if you want to attain an eminent DevOps role.

Internet of Things (IoT)
The revolutionary Internet of Things (IoT) technology has started digitizing all objects including cars, refrigerators, toys, and wearables and even animals, people etc. by turning them smart enough to be connected to create a distinguished network. IoT can be defined as a network of objects and living things over internet having capabilities to sense and exchange data. The idea of having smart cities has been conceptualized with IoT technology only.

According to a research, the installed base of IoT devices worldwide is expected to reach around 31 billion by 2020.

The median salary of an IoT Software Engineer has been recorded as $82,424 by PayScale. The revolutionary increase in IoT devices and applications facilitating their connectivity is soaring like none other. Gaining expertise in IoT technologies such as data analytics, machine learning, Node.js development technology, cloud computing and automation among others are highly valued.

Big Data
Big data is the new age data analytics solution that empowers enterprises to transform the captured data into useful information used for making informed decisions. Apache Hadoop, Hive, NoSQL, Cassandra, Docker and Kubernetes are some of the eminent big data technologies that are highly demanded by the companies for effective analytics that helps them nail enhanced profitability by leveraging distinguished data analytics features of these technologies.

A data analyst having extensive big data skills earns an average salary of $69,545 per year.

Effective data analysis helps organizations achieve higher performance with greater profitability. Digital transformation of businesses has raised a skyrocketing demand of big data professionals that can analyze capture data and follow data driven approach to perform business functions. A survey, ‘The Future of Big Data Analytics – Global Market and Technologies Forecast – 2015-2020’ predicts that the big data global market will grow at 14.4% CAGR till 2020 generating enormous promising jobs across all industries. Mastering big data technologies and learning data analytics best practices can help you accelerate you career in short span of time.

RPA is a robotics-based intelligent software used to automate repetitive organizational operations.  RPA or Robotic Process Automation software interprets and responds to the user’s actions for the business applications with automated operations by performing appropriate processes such as use of chat bots. RPA aims to reduce the need for additional workforce to perform repetitive common IT support jobs, infrastructure management remotely, workflow management and many other back-office operations in diverse industry domains including finance & accounting, supply chain management, customer service and human resource management.

A recent report on reflects that an RPA developer corners an average salary of $97,095 per annum.

With endless opportunities in RPA software development, it stands out as one of the top ranking technology. An industry prediction projects RPA market to reach $1.7 billion during current year and $2.9 billion by 2021. Learning RPA tools like Automation Anywhere, Ui Path, Blue Prism and WorkFusion and programming languages like Python and C++ is one of the best ideas for career growth.


Trends come and go but there are always certain technologies that set a milestone and become a landmark in revolutionary world. The abovementioned trends have been observed through market research and expert technology predictions for 2019. It seems this year is going to witness more agility in establishing highly ranked technologies as eminent leaders of the IT markets.

By Harsh Arora, who is a Content Consultant at Enuke Software, a pioneering Blockchain, and Mobile App Development Company and healthcare Development Company in the USA. Harsh is passionate about the start-up ecosystem, Cryptoworld, entrepreneurship, latest tech innovations, and all that makes this digital world. 

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