by Joseph, Adel SEO

Online technologies are ruling the world! Marketers know that offloading every resource you have at a brand new social network, the moment it gets launched is not a smart call. And it’s not a clever investment as well. However, a technology that serves a requirement, but has a slow pace deserves attention.

Here are five major technologies that could impact digital marketing hugely, in the days to come.

1. Google Home and Amazon Alexa
Google Home and Amazon Alexa are excellent instances of voice assistants. Today, all individuals who have these devices utilize it for the fundamental news functions. They also opt-in for the for the basic voice- managed music utilities. Gradually, as more people become aware of Google Home and Amazon Alexa, the technologies will expand its everyday applications.

Today, the SEO specialists should keep a vigilant eye on the “voice user interface.” It is going to change the way people do online searches. Also, it’s useful to be aware of the way Google makes use of the rich snippets to answer the commonqueries.

2. Oculus Rift and Microsoft’s HoloLens

An application created by Cirque du Soleil enables its engineers and designers to check the way various stage set fits in spaces. Also, in the marketing space, some people are resorting to HoloLens to enable users to select
the products/services they want using just an app. Adweek suggests that HoloLens to date hasn’t been used to its full

On the other hand, Oculus Rift, a virtual reality brand that Facebook bought, keeps reducing its price. Facebook is aware that these technologies will receive apt advertisers. It will happen when the user base increases. Hence, it’s smart that they are making attempts to capture the market share at an emerging industry stage.

3. Alphabet’s Waymo

Self-driving cars will lead to an immense cultural shift. However, online marketers have a different perspective. For them, individuals will be observing a device as they are getting driven to a destination. It indicates more scopes for online advertisements. Akin to the augmented and virtual reality, lead-time will be slow.

4. Facebook messengers and the new age chatbots

Progressive industries such as the financial sector have been using robotic help for ads. The scope is targeting the mainstream in a familiar app form, i.e. chatbots and the Facebook messenger. Today, the bots that respond through messenger are fast becoming advanced technologies. It can manage a complicated scenario. Hence, brands that invest in chatbots may have an advantage in the challenging online domain.

5. IBM’s Watson

Today, Watson from IBM is a leading edge platform for cognitive thinking. It is utilized significantly to assist the
world in processing big data. Watson can provide perspectives and locate answers in the data. It is not possible
for humans.

Furthermore, Watson can reason akin to humans. It can interpret, observe, decide and also evaluate the best
solutions available. Watson can do this with tremendous speed and scale. It helps to discover new trends in
unstructured data sets.

Online marketing could be about to witness a paradigm shift with the help of emerging technologies.

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