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Yesterday I started talking about personal branding on social media and how to approach and develop your personal brand with a basic framework. Today I want to give you 5 practical ways to help build your personal brand, things that you can actually go out and do straight away. 

1 Create your own website

Build a website centred around your personal brand. An attractive site where users can go and find all your information, social media profiles and all your online work. Think of it as building an online resource about yourself.

Select a domain name with your first and last name, this is a great way to get your site to populate on the front page of Google. If you can’t get the exact domain name you are looking for then don’t be afraid to try a few out such as .org, .net and so on.

When I went to register a domain for this website, was already taken however was of course free and does the job exactly the way I need it to. Update the information on your website regularly to reflect what you are working on at the moment.

2 Optimise your social channels

Something we spoke about yesterday. Try keeping profile pictures consistent across multiple channels for starters. Your social channels are a valuable asset and they need to make the best first impression possible.

Make sure your bio content is full of information on who you are, what you do and also contains any outbound links you want people to look at. Keep it short and sweet, get all the information in there but get to the point fast.

Your social media channels will have a strong likelihood of appearing on the front page of Google because these social media websites are extremely powerful and rank high. As a result you need to have all your profiles looking the absolute best you can.

3 Unleash the power of storytelling 

Storytelling is becoming a huge focus of social media and branding. Platforms like Snapchat are absolutely crushing it when it comes to telling stories. You don’t need to make it an epic story which is wonderfully produced, in fact the very nature of platforms now almost encourage content to be rough around the edges.

Again, just be you. Be authentic and be true to yourself, don’t try to be someone else or a different persona. Experiment with stories on Snapchat and have fun with them. Creating this kind of content can also be a fantastic confidence builder.

Remember what we spoke about in this mornings Snapchat article? Go outside the app to promote and get noticed. Download some snaps and post them to other platforms as “sneak peeks.”

4 Embrace long-form on Medium

Medium is a beast at the moment, the potential to be seen by the right person on Medium is huge and for that reason a lot of bloggers are now throwing up their best content on Medium as they know the exposure can be huge.

Start by just posting your content and then as you develop a name on Medium over the course of a few months start creating call to actions in your Medium posts to encourage users to visit your blog, follow you on social or sign up to your email newsletter.

Keep in mind that Medium will give you the best return on your top content. It won’t work as well if you are posting news content. However if you are posting in depth opinion articles then it is definitely a platform you should consider using.

Every post that goes up on Mark Dalton Media also goes up on Medium, because of the sheer nature of the Medium userbase there is a chance your blog post could end up in front of the eyes of a big player in the game.

5 Guest blog to build credibility and followers

Some people say that guest blogging is dead. Rubbish, just look at the number of guest bloggers we have had on Irish Tech News in the past month! Guest blogging helps grown your personal brand and establishes your credibility with a new audience.

Reach out to prominent blogs centred around your topic. Sometimes you get lucky and they come to you looking for you to write a guest blog, but if that hasn’t happened yet then why hang around and wait?

I know it can be hard to put yourself out there for critique but the rewards can be fulfilling. If you have a great piece of content that you feel should have exposure then get in touch with a blog you like the look of and tell them about it.

Best case scenario, it gets published with your credentials! Worst case scenario, they simply say no thanks!

The good blogs will give you feedback on what to improve and encourage you to make those changes and submit it again for publishing. Don’t go overboard and start throwing out guest blogs at scale, pick a few blogs and focus on those posts. Remember, you are writing something for someone else’s bigger audience now so make sure you crush it and give them something really great.

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