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Interesting catch up with IrishYapping to see how they have been getting on since we last spoke to them. IrishYapping is a great new way to connect with people whether abroad or at home! Connecting communities, creating links. 

Why is Irish Yapping doing well? 

Irish Yapping is doing well because it is bridging a gap between social media and real world interaction. It links people based on location but uses social media to make the connection. Are you tired of talking to people half way around the world that you might never meet? What about setting up a connection with someone in your area with whom you share common interests?

We started off as a general conversational tool, linking people in the same way community alert forged links, but we used a powerful social media platform, so that interaction could be immediate and fast.

Want to talk to someone about the weather, farming, politics, gender issues, floods –you name it, but want to talk to someone nearby? Then Irish Yapping is for you.

What does it do (for those that don’t know)?

Irish Yapping creates your very own online community. Our vanilla application is based on Irishness. You have two pins – one current and one home. The current one is where you are at any given time. The home pin is where you drop your pin, so you can choose to drop it at your home, or at your parents’ home or at a favourite pub or even a favourite capital city. You choose where you want to see what is going on.

If you are travelling you might want to keep an eye on your home town, or if you are at home you might want to check out the floods in Clonmel.

Real people curate content in recognisable townlands and villages and cities – you chose the location and you can even choose the area – anything up to 50km.

How is it different to twitter / slack / whatsaap?

It is different in that it takes the best of all worlds. For example, Twitter is good for following and interacting with people from across the world if you have a shared interest. Sometimes, if you attend a Tweetup you might actually get to meet some of the people you chat with, more often than not, Twitter is largely an online game.

Facebook requires invitation and you might not share common interests but you probably share common friends. It can be a bit hit and miss too.

Slack and whatsapp both operate on the principal that you know your counterparts and that you want to share content with them – either as friends or work colleagues.

BUT Yapping combines online with offline. You can follow meet and watch unknown and known people in a geographic area of your choosing. Where it gets clever is when you combine locality with interest and now you’re sucking diesel.

For example if you are interested in trad music and you want to find out what musicians are playing in your area, drop a pin and check out the feeds, ask a question and get a reply. Where it gets even more diesel suckingly wonderful is when you create your own tribe…

What other communities could benefit from using it?

Online Tribes is where yapping gets really awesome. Okay, you have geofencing so there is proximity. Then there is a common interest – trad music, farming, minecraft, vaping whatever – which means you are following and interacting with a bunch of people who share your interest. The great part is that you can combine the randomness of Twitter with a real life interest and meet other like minded people or visit events, festivals and undertake activities that interest you.

Your online tribe just became a potential offline tribe. How cool is that?

And it doesn’t stop there.

Once you set up a Tribe then you can earn money as a group from shared impressions on advertising banners running at the base of the app or through FBesque advertising where individuals or businesses pay to post in your group. That way your tribe gets targeted adverts and the people buying the adverts get focused people.

Why generate income for social media sites when you are generating the content and building the community – the rewards should be for your tribe. With Yapping this is the case.

There are many apps out there, how will you encourage people to use this one?

For readers of Irish Tech News we reckon Tech Yapping could be a cool way to find new contacts, meet up with startups, with service providers, with allies, with potential investors, with coders, with analysts – basically anyone and anybody interested in the tech industry in Ireland. And that is not limited to people working in Tech in Ireland, that also includes people working abroad who want to come and work in Tech in Ireland.

This app is different and Tech Yapping would be a year round Web Summit experience.

How was Web summit? What sort of response did you get to the idea?

Ah now that you mention it the Web Summit was a super launch pad for Yapping. We are only a few months old but already we are getting lots of Tribes very interested in our app.  If there is a Tribe for it, we can provide the Yap for it.

How can people sign up?

By downloading the app from itunes or googleplay

What are the plans for Irish yapping in 2016

We are growing our tribes in 2016. Growth will be community by community. Come and talk to us if you want to put your Tribe on the Map.

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking

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