Another great guest post for us by Ken Finnegan, to see more about his work as chief technologist for the IDA see here.

What a great week, in the Industrial Development Authority of Ireland, we held our annual conference.

This is a time when all staff get together, our CEO releases information about the year gone by and we set out our ambitions for the coming year. 2015 was an excellent year for companies deciding to establish a presence in Ireland and of course create jobs, see more here.

The President of Ireland addressed us and shared his eloquent and prosaic insights and encouragement.

We also had some of the most tenacious and inspiring characters in the state tell us their stories of motivation, purpose and strength of the spirit.

I also had the privilege and pleasure to address the annual conference and all my colleagues in the IDA.

Based on our work last year it came as no surprise to many of my colleagues and friends that a lot of my discourse involved the Internet of Things and Ireland. This hopefully enlightened and informed other parts of the organisation as well as reinforcing why I believe that Ireland is positioned to lead this next (re)-evolution in technology.

Last year we started the process to develop a value proposition for the Internet of Things. This was a massively collaborative process. We engaged with many companies spanning all industries from Intel to Keenan’s Agricultural solutions,Davra Networks to Cisco, medtech companies, pharma, engineering, health etc and many more.

We engaged with academia from all the Universities and Institutes of Technologies around the entire nation, covering many subjects from semiconductors, microelectronics, telecommunications, data science to augmented reality. We engaged with the start-up eco-system, the incubators, the venture capitalists, the influencers, the specialists…. You get it, there was hardly a cohort in Ireland that were left out.

This engagement was vital, if you are familiar with IOT you know that it’s essentially ubiquitous connectivity to EVERYTHING, so we had to engage with representatives from all industries, academia and government. We hoped to get an understanding about what assets and resources we could use to position Ireland as a logical location for a foreign company to consider Ireland for its IoT functions.

The result was explosive. We realised that we have the all the ingredients in the country to not just participate in this revolution but to lead it. Yes, everything from semiconductor and microelectronic capabilities from Tyndall, people from Intel, Analog Devices, Movidius, OnSemi, ARM and many more, the capabilities from Connect research centre and TSSG, Insight and Ceadar research centres for analysing the data and Adapt for context and value.

In addition to the talent there is a hunger and ambition in Ireland for collaboration. We are a small country and often this may be viewed as a negative, however this give us a super power advantage over many other locations, we are agile, we are massively collaborative and with global brands located here (10 of the 10 born on the internet companies here, 9 of the top 10 global ICT, 15 of the top 25 pharma, second largest exporter of medical technologies in Europe..) convergence is happening in Ireland.

There are many examples and case studies of this, feel free to get in touch and discuss. However this was a nice announcement earlier this week from L’Oreal and PCH: A new partnership between Irish design engineering firm PCH and global brand L’Oreal is poised to deliver the next generation of wearable, connected devices and personalised beauty products.

Here are some of the other trends for 2016 in Technology and where, I believe, Ireland is at the game in a very strong position.

We recently published ‘Why Ireland for Cyber Security’  More about this to come soon.

We have all the constituent parts and are ready to bring them together. We have test beds to ensure your products and services meet the the highest possible quality standards.

L’Oreal and PCH are collaborating to converge the next generation of wearable, connected devices and personalised beauty products. This is the most recent example how Ireland is leading way. Right place, Right time…

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking

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