Here are another 25 companies to look out for at Dublin Tech Summit which starts Wednesday 15th.

#Startup100: Linkilaw’s Rundown of the 100 Innovative Startups At Dublin Tech Summit 2017!



The 100 innovative and disruptive startups have been chosen to exhibit at Dublin Tech Summit on 15-16 February 2017 have the power to create something unique and potentially life-changing.

In this edition, we’re featuring some startups which are working hard use tech in ways we would have never imagined! Would you like to find the right person for your business without the hassle and time that usually comes with it? Now you can!

Read on to find out more!


Tired of dealing with inefficient recruitment agencies? ImpressMe believe that the best hires come from recommendations and they let people turn themselves into a recruitment agency (“talent finders”) by using their professional network to recommend people for jobs and get paid if it is successful! Companies list their jobs on ImpressMe and the jobs are distributed to talent finders. The talent finders submit potential candidates from their networks. The submissions include a comprehensive resumé, 60-second video, and a psychometric evaluation. From there, companies can review the candidates from their employer dashboards!


aptOn makes recruitment so much easier. Whether a business requires permanent recruitment or project outsourcing, aptOn can work with them to find the right people. The aptOn team also has expertise in global market mapping, talent selection, and psychometric testing.


Cartful lets companies launch their own app-based retail shop. Their features include single-tap checkout, ultra-fast search (mobile shoppers prefer to use site searching over category browsing), redeemable loyalty points, automated marketing tools to target customers with relevant content and smart push messaging (helps segment data so that businesses can personalise the offering and increase the engagement rate).


If you type in English, them you’ll assume that the QWERTY keyboard layout was the only layout that keyboard use. BeeRaider believe that that most keyboards work against our human nature and have created a set of keyboards which seem to have a more intuitive design and could increase productivity at work!


Since 2009, Nuacom have been providing reliable cloud-operated phone system and working towards the ultimate goal of creating a platform that simplifies business communication – making it more efficient, flexible and suitable for a company’s needs whilst saving businesses time and money.

VT Networks

VT is the exclusive operator of the SIGFOX network in Ireland. This nationwide Internet of Things (IoT) network provides the lowest-power, lowest-cost connectivity for the most common use of connected objects — simple sensors and devices. They are part of the global SIGFOX network which allows businesses to connect objects under one network and one contract. Their technology and commitment to innovation redefines traditional connectivity business models, enabling you to connect your solution on a global scale.


DanAds is a white-label advertising platform. It allows customers to create and manage one-to-one guaranteed buying relationships with advertisers, sales teams, and walk-in advertisers. Features included reduced costs, design, and production for all types of ads (print and digital), campaign reports, and statistics in real time.


Anyone can be a celebrity these days! As long as you have some ideas, an Internet connection, and a platform, there is nothing stopping you from becoming a star. Takumi have created an app that enables users with more than 1,000 genuine followers to connect to popular brands that they can work with and create content for.

Design Wizard

By allowing users to access more than 13,000 free templates and more than 230,000 free images (as well as constantly adding new images and templates), the team of Design Wizard have built a platform that allows the users to build their own design materials which can be used for whatever they like! Their mission is to give the power to everyone to express their creativity without the need for any technical expertise! So how does it work? You first select a template you like, then you add an image (theirs or your own) and add a message. After all of that, it is ready to be shared with the world!

Business Showcase : DesignWizard


This is a content management system specifically targeted for authoring and publishing responsive web publications. The MYWO Mags team has ushered in a new era of rich, searchable, and interactive web publications with a system that allows users to create content on a desktop, tablet, or phone. Rich with exciting features using location services and integration of third-party web components, MYWO Mags makes blogging and sharing created content so much easier.


Overcast allows users to manage videos as easily as they manage word documents.Overcast has partnered with Amazon Web Services and Signiant to keep videos safe. The system is designed to integrate seamlessly into the workflow, letting the user brand the experience easily.


Stagelink is a new tool for musicians. It allows the user to connect his or her Facebook fan page to Stagelink. From there, Stagelink collects votes from fans worldwide. Musicians can track the results in real-time which may influence where the musicians perform in the future. If a musician decides to tour, Stagelink notifies fans, that in turn promote the show and sell tickets to pre-finance the tour. The musician can track sales and analyse customer data.


VAAIT stands for Visual Art And Information Technology and is a startup that produces digital content for film-making, gaming, publishing and IT industries. VAAIT’s primary focus is on helping clients dive into the world of virtual and mixed reality.


Aptly named, this set of mobile apps allows users to create sleek and wonderful videos with only imagination and a phone. The app is stocked with video templates created by professional filmmakers which are so intuitive and easy to use that fantastic and shareable content can be created in only 3 minutes without any prior knowledge of creating films!


As cities are becoming more and more populated, it will take smart planning to ensure that services are efficiently provided to as many people as possible. That’s where Azimap come in. By collecting spatial data of the environment then and analysing it and presenting and visualising the findings in a novel way, they are working with create smart solutions to a very modern problem.

SCG Digital

SCG Digital provide extended teams as a service (eTaaS) which is offered at startups to enterprise level companies to help them build specialised support, strategy and product development solutions while controlling operational costs. SCG also help online companies with CRM, customer acquisition, both digital and localisation strategies.


Votebash is a global survey marketplace where you can get rewarded with coupons when voting and giving your opinion about different companies offering products and services from the entertainment, food & drink, sports and travel industries. Votebash offer a free sign-up and more than that, a great experience for people who would like to earn online.


LiveMon’s software enables people to keep an eye on their server usage, applications performance metrics, logs, and end-users’ level of services. It uses AI to automatically detect future threats, alert the right person at the right time via the right media. It organises group servers and metrics by logical set and has a great visual dashboard for clearly viewing metrics, trends and correlations.

2Click Solutions

With ‘the soul of a spin-off and the heart of a startup’, this Dublin-based software company develops software solutions for businesses using ‘Rhetos’ – a platform which allows for the fast and simple building of reliable enterprise applications.

Bored of having your data look so old and grey? Arrays has come along to turn that data into a masterpiece. This is done with four easy steps: engaging, simple, open and all-in-one. The first step allows a website to publish its data as an engaging, interactive experience. Simple because it requires no expertise to use or understand. The third step allows users to share any dataset on social media and add their own annotations. All-in-one because it is simple to setup and maintain. Plus users have a variety of ways to customize and design the data.


This AI turns any dataset in a graph of knowledge. It is a platform that enables machines to understand the meaning of information.

i-Boson Innovations

i-Boson Innovations specialises in creating adaptable and innovative applications and technologies to replace existing systems. Their services include web development, enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions (they help businesses operate more effectively), online marketing, ecommerce development, software development and enterprise mobility (making apps for all platforms).

Watermelon Messenger

Created by two of 2016’s most promising young entrepreneurs (Alexander Wijninga and Charl Haas) based in The Netherlands, Watermelon Messenger is a platform that is devoted to giving great customer service. An automated representative replies to numerous questions simultaneously through Facebook Messenger, email, chat, or Telegram Messenger, with many more social networks joining soon. Several major Dutch companies have already adopted this app.

Shift Aviation

Shift Aviation is an Aerospace consultancy and management company that provides solutions to fight industry challenges. Their main focus is to increase effectiveness and efficiencies in management and flight operations; and to lobby to entities that influence operations and costs.

Cognition has a goal to help organisations make some serious improvements by calculating where changes should be made in their existing operation. They do this by optimising a company’s assets for maximum efficiency, releasing any value that might be trapped in existing data and then transforming the operations to deliver cost savings across a business.


What makes us who we are? Is it ‘nature’ or ‘nurture’? Karmagenes analyses the DNA and other biomarkers present in saliva in order to assess the behaviour of an individual. Not just to be used out of morbid curiosity, clients not only find out more about themselves, but are given advice to guide them on the right path.


Collab is a multimedia contact centre provider that operates using IP architecture. It processes the interactions consumers have with businesses through calls, text messages, and social media simultaneously in order to understand how a brand delivers customer service. It is also a part of the Portuguese IT company, Novabase.

BuyMedia is a B2B e-commerce platform that trades in advertising. It connects buyers of radio, television, and newspaper advertising to suitable sellers and provides real-time data analytics on the advertising industry. BuyMedia has big plans to become the Wikipedia of media worldwide.


By connecting companies that are looking for assistance with designers with 3D expertise in numerous fields at a good price, Fydiz helps people with 3D modelling even if they lack the technical skills to get their idea off the ground. It’s a marketplace that works differently than normal marketplaces, as the 3D designers send proposals for the project as opposed to only a quote for how much the work will cost!

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