Here are another 25 companies to look out for at Dublin Tech Summit which starts Wednesday 15th.

Dublin has been the home of a fantastic event for startups, their products, and their customers. In this edition, we’re looking at some startups which are making waves in the legal, financial and tech sectors! One startup, Linkilaw, is working to democratise the legal industry for all by providing smart and efficient solutions that reduce legal costs by up to 80%!


Linkilaw is committed to streamlining legal services and making the legal industry accessible for bootstrapping startups. Startups need good contracts. Lawyers charge crazy rates, as a result Linkilaw provides smart and affordable legal work. It works with a Startup Legal Session – a one-to-one oral strategy session with a legal specialist online. Clients then receive a detailed plan on what is needed in the future stages of your development. Based on the results, startups are free to make educated, fully informed, and empowered decisions.

Virtual Legal

A online law firm that provide legal solutions and manage legal transactions. Virtual Legal creates an online profile that gives the users access to all documentation. They offer a fixed fee services, standard packages, free guides, videos and checklists. Virtual Legal will soon have 24/7 progress updates to see the progress of the legal work. All of their work and communications is done online (except for phone when needed).


The fastest and easiest way to order, pay and earn rewards in great cafes and restaurants. Orders are placed based on your location, customers get real-time notifications on when your order is being prepared. When you get notified your order is ready, you can skip the queue grab your order and go. It’s ordering in your own time.

Business Showcase : Bamboo


Tired of dealing with loads of business cards? BuzNezzCard converts business cards into a format that is accessible from any mobile phone devices. By taking a picture of business cards, or adding them manually, these details are free to be used whenever you want!


You’ve probably heard the popular phrase ‘Mi casa es su casa’ which translates from Spanish to ‘my house is your house’ in English. CasaMe takes that sentiment and supports people in their pursuit of finding accommodation on short notice wanting it to be as hassle-free as possible.


CountBOX gives you an intelligent solution to gather information about your customers, which in return helps companies decide on vital key changes in terms of how they seek out for new customers, interact with existing ones or even keep their customers in the long term. CountBOX sets the ground for companies serving customers in shopping malls, retail shops, bars & restaurants, concert halls and stadium venues and even libraries!


FIXO is the first-ever round computer built in a smart disc. The smart disc is specifically designed to make your life easier and more pleasant wherever you are. FIXO is a multifaceted clock which allows for weather forecasting and Google Calendar appointments. However, FIXO is a lot more than that. It offers a lot of different applications which permit the use of games, health and wellness, maps, radio and music, photos and videos and many others. FIXO is a unique way to see tech from a different angle.


IDwaiter lets you design, manage, and track your own ID cards, membership cards, and badges in one place. The solution is ideal for people drawn from a variety of industries who deal with security, events, general admin and etc. The company also offers an online verification tool through its app which makes it is easy to verify your team members by allowing them to submit their contact details and photos via the membership platform.

AutoEntry helps you become more productive, letting you focus on running your business rather than doing admin. It’s an intelligent, automated cloud-based solution which eliminates bookkeeping data entry so you will never again have to type up invoices or receipts. Available on both web and mobile apps, AutoEntry captures and analyses details from scanned and photographed invoices, receipts, bank and card statements and inputs them directly into your accounting software or lets you simply download into excel.  


Plytix is a Danish startup offering a versatile product search engine, incorporating three major services within. The Plytix Product Analytics allows you to track your product’s performance in terms of giving you the metrics behind conversions, impressions and other customer interactions. The Product Information Manager gives you the opportunity to control your content from one place by making catalog creation and storage simple. Meanwhile, the Plytix Search helps you to find thousands of product images for free.


Located in Berlin, this startup is a VR and 3D production studio. With a resume of more than 15 years in filmmaking/post-production, 10 in 3D/VFX and two years in VR, the team of AnotherWorld is dedicated to creating realistic and exciting VR/3D content! AnotherWorldVR offers clients various services including VR and 3D development and production, VR games design and cinema production, precise VR/3D measuring systems for engineering and industrial purposes, modeling, (human anatomy, objects, building, etc) and post-production (editing, motion graphics, VFX and voice-over recordings).


Ardanis builds software to help companies grow and push forward by helping people build or improve their products with their Agile Development Process. Involved at every step of the product development, Ardanis also works to resolves as well as helping with the general maintenance and product development. Ardanis also ensures that customers can send in their feedback while the development is happening, allowing quick and seamless changes. This service basically fill any technical gaps in the team for a particular project or technology.


ClearBookings has developed several tools that allow to easily create, manage, and promote events. It also allows mobile customers to enjoy a super slick and easy-to-use online booking experience with a dashboard that offers a real-time overview of who has registered for what and quick links to booking history and options for event organisers to manage who in their team gets to view what events.


This LA-based company allows users to send email campaigns [and SMS!] with ease through its platform. Users can create, schedule, and analyse campaigns, send these emails to an unlimited amount of subscribers which can be labelled based on a number of variables. What makes it different from the big players that already exist? It’s a great option for anyone looking to send great campaigns to an unlimited amount of subscribers for free and it is intuitive.


‘Git’ is a source code management system for software development. GitLab is an open source tool for developers to create, manage, and share codes. GitLab makes tracking issues and reviewing codes easier for developers.


Leadboxer is a sales lead-generation app. It provides information in real time about the people who visit a website and then creates suggestions on the types of products the audience would be interested in. This could prove to be an essential tool for a B2B sales team and would definitely help a business adapt its strategy and focus on exactly what the client wants.


This iPhone and Android app makes it easy to make purchases with its simple and intuitive interface. Users can link a phone with a card and pay anyone using just one app. It takes less than two minutes to set up. Even the type of account that’s created is based on the user’s needs such as their minimum or maximum spend.

Data Innovation System

Data Innovation Systems is a data agency which specialises in custom software solutions. They’ve developed advanced enterprise applications to gather, analyse, and react to data. Their data-driven solutions enable streamlined operations, huge financial savings, and increased revenue growth.


How many different types of cards does everyone have? You might have your own personal credit card, a debit card, a company card, or more – and a different PIN for each of them! Those times are over thanks to Curve which allows its users to put all of their cards into one, with a couple of taps! From the Curve app, the user can decide which card to use and change between them while instantly locking and unlocking the Curve card. Expenses are labelled and receipts are accessed on the dashboard. Easy.


Flexiwage is an platform which makes the process of managing payrolls on a monthly or weekly basis easier, not only for the employers and human resource managers, but for the employees also. By reducing inefficiencies in the process of creating payslips and paying an employee’s income, businesses could potentially save users 75% on Payroll Administration Costs.


A growth company is a company whose liquid assets are increasing – therefore putting the business in a position to reinvest in the business and pay back debts. Funderbeam exclusively works with these companies and gives anyone, novice or expert, an opportunity to support them.

SettleMint helps organisations take advantage of the benefits of blockchain and its adjacent technologies. Whether their customers are looking to become more efficient, develop existing products and services for new clients, or completely reinvent an existing business model, the use of blockchain has an untapped potential and SettleMint is onto something that could be very big in the next few years.


Wikifolio is a leading European marketplace for transparent investment and trading strategies by private individuals, professional asset managers, and media companies. Traders can turn their trading strategies (“wikifolios”) into successful financial products that are listed on the leading European stock exchange. Traders can trade within a wikifolio without transaction costs and receive profits from all investments.


CollectAI is a debt collection service. It categorises the debt, selects a form of communication (e.g. voice calls, text messages, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger) to reach the person owing money, takes note of the communication history, and calculates how successful forms of communication have been in retrieving debt. Plus, communication via email, texts, and chat messages makes it possible to integrate links to payment sites. This means that the process of collecting what’s owed is less troublesome – for the people who are owed money as well as those who are owing.


Surf Accounts is an online platform for account management. Its product allows for creating, managing and posting invoices to your stakeholders. This is a transparent and easy-to-manage solution which promises not only smart invoicing in any currency, but also an electronic banking service, an inventory management system, an easy method to pay your bills as well as allowing you to use the services on any device, securely and at any time.

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