By @SimonCocking, image from pixabay we’ve reviewed a series of books, this is our 4th compilation of such round ups, see the previous three here. There are an increasing number of studies highlighting the value of taking time off-screen, off-line, to read and pursue an idea and a thought for longer than the time it takes before the in-browser notifications interrupt your train of thought. We know that we are all online far longer than we probably should be. Reading has now become a great, double edged sword, to break those ties sometimes, and to also learn at the same time. Here is the latest round up of interesting and useful books to consider reading. 

Talk is cheap, Digital PR for Startups by Leanne Ross reviewed

Review of The leader’s guide to negotiation by Simon Horton,

Review of Smart Cities as democratic ecologies, edited by Daniel Araya

Change or die, the future for banks and global banking. Chris Skinner’s ValueWeb reviewed

Oisin Browne’s ‘The Binman’s Guide to Marketing’ reviewed

Emotional Resilience by Geetu Bharwaney, reviewed. Perhaps the future is remote working?

The Silo Effect A Case for Diversity and Silo Busting. Reviewed by Ciara Garvan

Barbarians in the boardroom by Owen Walker, reviewed

Digital Banking Tips by Tolga Tavlas, reviewed

Working with mindfulness, keeping calm and focused to get the job done. Book review

The Purpose Economy by Aaron Hurst, reviewed by Ciara Garvan

I dare you, win the debate in your own head by Blaise Brosnan, review

Precision. Principles, practices and solutions for the Internet of Things by Timothy Chou. Reviewed

Chaos Monkeys by Antonio Garcia Martinez reviewed. Facebook insider stories and more

The art of the nudge : unlocking your hidden potential. Reviewed

Hacked again, it can happen to anyone even a cyber security expert by Scott Schober. Book review

The life project by Helen Pearson reviewed. Why datascience is relevant for all of us

Grow. Change your mindset, change your life by Jackie Beere, book review

Thinking machines. The inside story of Artificial Intelligence by Luke Dormehl, reviewed

Think like an innovator by Paul Sloane, reviewed

The art of innovation by Tom Kelly with Jonathan Littman, reviewed

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