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The main advantage of an applicant tracking system is that it bestows with seamless and customizable collaboration features so that you’re always in the loop. Applicant tracking systems aid employers by providing a business process for following while recruiting.

Applicant Tracking System has been in great demand these days all over with all the great benefits that come with it. However, selecting one (ATS) is definitely a major investment and must be done carefully. An employer must have a crystal clear idea regarding the fundamental advantages that comes with it.

With thousands of job applications made for a single post, there is no denying the fact that the necessity of some sort of automated system was ardently felt that would help recruiters and employers to do away with this and make their work a lot easier.

And necessity being the mother of invention, here arrives the ATS. Almost 50% of all mid-sized enterprises have already resorted to ATS with many more entertaining some serious thoughts looking to opt for the same in the near future.

The primary purpose of using ATS is to gain a competitive advantage in the hiring efforts. Below are mentioned 15 ways how employers can be benefitted from an Applicant Tracking System (ATS):

  1. Streamlining the applicant process– Whenever a job is posted, chances are highly likely that there are going to be a large number of applications from people who don’t quite actually fit at all with the post. The reason for their not fitting may be multifarious. But still, as an employer, you have to handle this situation professionally and not only that but also give all the applications the required consideration at the same time too. The best of ATS’s would streamline your application process perfectly.
  2. Reaching more people– With a good ATS, your candidate hunt becomes super easy for the ATS posts jobs on both free and paid job boards, client’s websites, social networking sites and also on other relevant places with just a few clicks from your end. Thus you can reach a greater audience in almost no time and with a very limited effort.
  3. Scheduling Interviews– The best ATS’s have the capability of scheduling interviews with that of top and deserving candidates. The scheduling and timing of the interview can be done in an automated way as per the convenience and suitability of the candidate courtesy of ATS.   
  4. Keeping in constant touch with the candidates on course of the recruitment process– No matter what the age of the applicant is, any and every applicant would like and prefer a potential employer that is easy to get in touch with and communicate. Lest, chances are not out of question that the employee rejects the job offer if and when offered the same at a later stage being unimpressed with the recruiting team and an overall general disliking for the company. This menace can also easily tackled with ATS for the latter by sending automated emails to that of the talent pools, providing direction to the office to the candidates for coming for interviews, etc. In a word, ATS makes it as easy as it can get to facilitate communication to the highest level between the candidates and the potential employers.
  5. Saves time significantly– Having a great ATS at your disposal can really save you a lot of time in actuality. ATS enables you to focus and spend more of the time in evaluating candidates by freeing up administrative time.
  6. Save Money– Good ATS’s can save some precious time and thereby money by handling tasks such as scheduling interview, entering data, etc.  
  7. Boosting Employee relation and retention– The best of ATS’s increase hiring team management leading to enhanced quality of hire. It is quite a natural thing that when a potential employer gets more engaged with a potential hire, they too feel invested in the company by and large to a greater degree.
  8. Easing the recruiter’s workload– ATS comes with some great features and elements like resume screening, interview scheduling, online job posting and the likes helping relieve much of the work that used to be done manually for finding ideal and worthy candidates thereby providing more time to other related hiring efforts.
  9. Overall quality of hire is highly improved– ATS uses pre-identified qualifications and standards for helping you select the most deserving candidates. Thus the quality of hire gets an enormous boost.  
  10. Keep away compliance concerns and in turn help in maintaining the same– The ATS technology also aids by protecting a company from government inspection and lawsuits in various ways. Moreover, during the course of any audit occurring in your company, ATS can promptly or almost instantaneously supply you with the necessary information required for it.
  11. Helps in understanding what is working for you– With ATS, you can always keep a close surveillance on the sources where you have posted jobs and monitor which are producing productive results and also those that aren’t doing too well. By getting an outline of this information, it becomes an easy task for you to plan your investments on job postings accordingly from then onwards.  
  12. Aiding in decision making– ATS can help a long way in facilitating decision making.
  13. HR team communication and collaboration gets facilitated– The communication and collaboration of the HR department reach some terrific & tremendous height courtesy of a very good ATS.
  14. Standardize the hiring process once and for all– ATS can standardize the hiring process so that you don’t need to go on and reinvent the process each and every time you are looking or set to hire. Thus, again it saves a lot of time.
  15. Judging Performance– A good ATS can judge the performance of the employees fantastically. While with this the well performing employees can be appreciated and rewarded those needing improvement in certain areas can be identified and worked on. As a result of this, the chances of overall improvement of both the employee and the company get elevated.

There are multitudinous benefits in moving to an automated recruitment process from that of a manual one. An ATS thus can be a super effective tool in that regard for dealing with recruitment processes with utmost authority and conviction.

The manifold of features it brings with it is truly exemplary and stupendous. Present day’s ATS have been developed in such a way that they would be scanning for keywords, college records, employment history, etc. for identifying feasible candidates. ATS also helps in succession planning.

ATS hence is truly and highly versatile indeed providing fabulous vitality to any and every recruitment procedure.

One thing though with ATS is that all ATS are not equipped to perform all the functionalities which make it a bit tricky for employers while going for an ATS. That is why it is highly recommended to consider every aspect and everything prior to opting for an ATS so that it serves the purposes it is meant for.

With ATS, all the hassles centring recruiting has come down to a mammoth extent and with further efforts going on to further improve its experience, all that can be hoped and expected is an even more enhanced automated applicant tracking system with the gradual passage of time. 

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