With more than 2 billion monthly users, Facebook stands out as the most powerful player in digital marketing today. The social network giant offers multiple possibilities to businesses, both big and small, to promote their products and services in a cost-effective manner. One of the easiest ways to reach a target audience on this platform is through Facebook ads, but to make that happen it’s crucial to develop a great design to perfectly represent your company or organization and catch someone’s attention.

Why use Facebook ads?

Reasons to start using Facebook ads in your digital marketing strategy are numerous. Here are the most important factors that will inspire you to try Facebook ads or optimize them with a better design.

People spend a lot of time on Facebook

We love social media platforms although most of us are reluctant to admit it. Despite trying to limit the use of these websites, we find ourselves scrolling through the timeline, liking posts, commenting, messaging others, and basically everything else but focusing o work or studying.

But, how much time do we really spend on Facebook? An average user spends 28 percent of their time on social media. More precisely, you spend at least 1.72 hours every day on these websites. In addition, the average American spends about 40 minutes on Facebook alone. People like more than 4.1 million posts, status updates, and photos every minute on Facebook. The popular social network is too important for any business to ignore.

Reach YOUR audience

Everyone’s on Facebook today. This means you have an amazing opportunity to reach target audience easier than ever before. Facebook allows you to tailor the ad in order to reach people who can benefit from your products or services the most. If you bear in mind that most people access their profile on smartphones, then Facebook ads become even more important. They show up on a user’s newsfeed but great design is necessary to motivate that person to click the ad.

Organic reach

Facebook ads amplify the reach of your content. Not only they show up on newsfeeds of your target audience, but influencers can share them too. Whenever someone shares your ad (and a lot of people do that) it reaches even more people. As you already know, reaching more people is essential for the business promotion and successful marketing strategy.

Other reasons

  • It’s simple to set it up and publish your ad
  • Fast results
  • Facebook adds new features regularly
  • There’s an option to publish a video ad

Why does Facebook ad design matter?

While Facebook ads are an effective marketing strategy, it all comes down to its design. Your ad will appear on target audience’s newsfeed, but then what? If that person doesn’t like the ad, then they’re unlikely to do anything about it. This decreases the likelihood of lead generation or turning them into customers.

The point here isn’t to make the ad appear “pretty”, but to catch a Facebook user’s attention and perfectly represent your brand. It can be challenging to find an ideal design immediately, so don’t feel bad if this happens to you too. In fact, the infographic published by www.assignmenthelper.com.au recommends trying multiple designs until you find the most effective option.

What makes Facebook ads a great marketing tool is their customizability. You can optimize the ad to reach a specific group of people, but at the same time, you can play with different design options. When it comes to great ad designs that attract everyone’s attention, you just need to follow a few simple tips and tricks to make your ad stand out. Take a look at 11 easy tricks at the infographic below.

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 Lucy Benton is a marketing specialist, business consultant and helps people to turn their dreams into the profitable business.  Now she is writing for marketing and business resources. Also Lucy has her own blog Pro Writing where you can check her last publications.

Prepared and edited by Edina Zejnilovic, Journalism student at DCU

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