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Why emojis bring higher interactions on Instagram

Brands are including more and more video content to their Facebook strategy as they engage users in a more intense way, but not only the post type itself is relevant for a successful Facebook campaign. Another crucial factor is which kind of format is used in order to get as many interactions on video content.

The social media analytics provider quintly took this question into action, and conducted a study on the usage of different video formats on Facebook – Facebook native videos, YouTube videos, Vimeo videos and the other video formats – but also how users implement them to their strategy, and provided valuable information for marketers about user engagement with video posts. The study tackles the most important questions like: What video format is most used by brands, and which video format brings the most interactions and shares. 167,000 profiles were analyzed in total and 6 millions posts were screened in the period from July to December 2016.

Facebook native videos are used by 90% of pages

46.9% of the 167,000 analyzed profiles used videos in their Facebook campaign in some form. Out of these, 90% included a Facebook native video (Note: Facebook Live videos are included in this) to their Facebook timeline. The share of profiles that used YouTube videos is exactly 30%, which is three times less than the use of Facebook native videos. Only 2% of the pages using videos posted videos hosted on Vimeo. The share of pages that used another video format had an overall share of  7%.

84,23% of overall video posts are Facebook native videos

The total number of analyzed posts was 6,002,726 for the observed time period. 84.47% of the overall video posts were Facebook native videos. That is equivalent to 5,070,593 video posts – an overwhelming number that underlines the dominance of Facebook native videos on the social network.

The second place in terms of video posts are YouTube videos with a share of 10.22% – that’s 613,222! That means that YouTube videos were used in 1 of every 10 post. Taking a look at this graph, the share of used videos become even more visible.

Facebook native videos receive 186% higher interactions 

Performance measured by interactions is always an interesting topic for marketers, as it reveals crucial information on the post’s success and what may need to be modified for future videos. Note: Performance is the total number of reactions, comments and shares a post receives.

The interactions for Facebook native videos were on average 109.67% higher than for YouTube videos. The number has risen even higher to 186.42% interactions for Facebook native videos in December 2016. Facebook native videos also had on average a 477.76% higher share rate compared to YouTube videos. The number of shares skyrocketed in December 2016 to over 1055.41%.

Facebook native video study takeaways

A crucial takeaway from this study is that Facebook native videos are the go-to video format on Facebook. Therefore, it is not really surprising that the numbers not only show that is the favorite type of video format across all profile groups, but also that using this format can be beneficial to increasing the amount of shares and overall interactions.

Especially through Facebook Live videos, users, brands and agencies have the ability to directly engage with their audience by discussing topics in real-time. They also create through Facebook Live a more personal experience, but not only the personal aspect is important in this case. The possibility to reach your audience in real-time is highly beneficial for the success of Facebook native videos in general. It is crucial to implement Facebook Live to your Facebook campaign to reach and engage the audience you are targeting.

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