What is your background?

I am the Compliance Officer, Blockchain Advisor and Community Liaison of ZipCoin Remit LTD. ZipCoin Remit is a blockchain based decentralized online remittance, trading and payment solution which will enhance businesses and individuals in the $104B remit industry.

Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

100%, compliance and logistics go hand in hand. Rules and regulations have to be followed and adhered to in both scenarios. If not both have serious repercussions. As  community liaison involves talking to people, listening and coming up with solutions that equates to customer service as both involves dealing with people.

What you are doing now?

Currently I am the logistics manager of FedEx Ground Calgary working in the package/freight delivery industry. Skilled in Warehouse Operations, Operations Management,  Microsoft Excel, Management and Customer Service.  Love being a Strategic Community Coordinator and Liaison for Zimbabweans who live in Calgary and Canada communities. Also I provide awareness and education around our innovative EOS blockchain technology;  and providing solutions to challenges we face today in remittance space.

Why did you get involved with Zipcoin?

As a blockchain evangelist, ICO and crypto enthusiast I have participated in various ICOs of which nearly all of them were disappointments. Most had no backing. With ZipCoin token our precious ZIPCO is being backed by a remittance which has already gained lots of traction. A lot of folks we talk to are really excited about the project and can’t wait for the official launch.

ZipCoin is the future and I am very proud to be part of it. As an immigrant myself I sent money back home to Africa every month to take care of my loved ones. I constantly search for lower remittance fees everytime before I send money. I always go with whoever is cheaper that time. ZipCoin is promising to be cheaper  and the solution to many, than the competition and I see lots of folks using ZipCoin Remit platform in the near future. People love options and that what we are doing with our solution. We are community driven company and our vision is to be financial inclusive allowing our customers to pay less and send more to those who need it the most. Our CEO, Kim Chivhima is a visionary, fighter and a leader; we see ZipCoin Remit transforming and disrupting the current remittance space around issues of affordability, interoperability, accessibility, usability, governance and security measures.

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