The sequential turn signals shine with integrated brake lights and app

The crowdfunding portal Indiegogo has always been a platform for pioneering innovations. Also, this project Zarathustra, led by CEO Hilmar Simon, could use this springboard to successfully position itself in the bike and e-bike market.

The innovative turn signal handles with integrated brake light, which can be easily mounted on the bicycle handlebars and charged via USB, were inspired by the sequential turn signals of the Audi A8. The Zarathustra turn signals are the next step in the development towards more bike safety. 20 ultra-bright LEDs on each handle indicate which direction you want to go. In standby mode both sides will light up and you will be more visible to other road users. The braking process is indicated by bright red lights. The specially developed app controls via Bluetooth hazard lights or off-road mode and other settings. Simply attach the smartphone to the handlebar and off you go!

Since the beginning of 2018, the team of Hilmar Simon has been developing in this direction. Countless designs and prototypes have been made and tested in thousands of hours. And not without reason, because a large part of the accidents involving bicycles and ebikes happens through a collision with a car or truck, especially when they are cornering.

Hilmar Simon isn´t a stranger to the ebike scene, having participated in several projects in recent years and advising many companies on the technology side. For example, in 2010 he co-founded the Schwalbe-e project in collaboration with the University of Arts in Kassel, the successor to the GDR cult brand Simson MZA in Velmar and the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. He worked with the company CarBike GmbH and the HTW Dresden on a multi-lane electric vehicle concept. In 2017, he was actively involved in the conception and construction of several E-MTBs for a well-known manufacturer of MTB suspension systems from the Frankfurt area, which were successfully presented at the 2017 Eurobike fair.

The Zarathustra turn signal handles are milled from high quality aluminum and combined with fine leather and sophisticated electronics.

The Zarathustra Project by Hilmar Simon on Indiegogo can be supported. The campaign will start on 30.01.2019. To start mass production, the financing target will be 20,000 EUR.

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