Yuppi is a newly launched collaborative moment sharing app which makes it fun and simple to crowd share live moments. The app launched a number of weeks ago and has been downloaded by users who say they love the features and recent improvements the developers have made. 

Yuppi was formerly called PaperV and started in 2013 as a web app which attracted 35,000 users and won several regional and international awards at the time. Many versions of the app were scrapped but eventually the developers built what they believe is a solid global ready product and the name was changed to Yuppi.

Founder Ali Mohsen tells me that the most challenging part was fundraising due to the poor and pretty much non existent startup ecosystem in the region where the app was established (Bahrain).

I have been using the Yuppi app over the course of the weekend, so what has the experience been like so far? Is it worth you downloading and having a look for yourself? Lets find out.

Let’s start with where the app gets it right. Yuppi is very easy to use, it has a fantastic “Shake N Share” feature which allows you to start sharing a moment by simply shaking your phone. You can share all different forms of content from multiple photos or even videos.

Users can then get involved by adding more photos and videos to public moments. This allows for moments to grow and expand by cross collaboration and is a really neat and fun concept for a social sharing app. You also have the ability to share private moments with family, friends and various other groups.

Then you have the standard fare which is expected of any social sharing app these days, you can explore moments from around the world and you can like photos and videos in moments as well as following and getting followed by others. You can edit and setup your profile and change things such as the profile picture, display name, email and password.

The app gets is right when it comes to sharing as a concept and put into practice the elements are all there but where it falls down slightly is in other areas.

The first thing that hit me was the colour choices in the app for background screens and various menus. They are bright, really bright. There is a big range of colours in use and to be honest it was hard on the eyes. I found it hard to read some of the screens and menus due to the different colours and the type of colours in use. Here is what I am talking about.

The other fall back at present is the same problem you get with any app of this nature when it is new. Unless you know people using it already it can be very silent on there at times.

Is it worth the download?

Yuppi is free so it costs you nothing to check it out and I found the app fun to play around with. It is an interesting app with a cross collaboration take on sharing however unless you have an active community on the platform you may not see as much cross collaboration as you would like.

The problem that Yuppi will have to overcome is offering something which will grab users attention and pull them in, a unique selling point that resonates with a large number of people and I think that is something they need to work on. At the moment there are are so many social media sharing apps from Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and more. Yuppi needs to think how they are going to differentiate themselves from the crowd.

You can check out Yuppi at the links below.

Download Yuppi

Yuppi Website


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