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Did you know that according to accounting firm PwC the North American sports market is expected to grow another $12 billion dollars by 2020, due in large part to media rights and distribution channels including social media?

That’s the kick-off for today’s LinkedIn Lady Show brought to you by CKC Global Media. My special returning guest is Rick Limpert. Rick is an Atlanta-based freelance writer and columnist. You can see his work on Yahoo News and Sports as a contributor, along with CBS Interactive and his new gadget/tech website,

He has been featured in numerous publications including Sports Illustrated, Fox SportsNet and The Atlanta Journal Constitution. He’s on every week with “Sully” on iHeartRadio and Radio 105.7 in Atlanta, along with a weekly Internet radio show and podcast called “The Tech of Sports” on the Modern Life Podcast Network. He co-authored the best-selling tennis book The Invaluable Experience with professional tennis player Danielle Lao and don’t forget about his sports travel book, The Fam Trip Field Guide which is a must-read for anyone interested in travel, golf or being a travel writer.

Today we will cover a range of topics including NFL’s new social media limits for teams, the reason Bass Pro Shops was better positioned to buy Cabela’s than the other way around, sports cyberbullying, how Reebok is using social media to rebrand itself, why NASCAR driver Carl Edwards is still not on Twitter, and how golfers used social media to honor Arnold Palmer.

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