Hailo has today announced that customers will be able to book Hailo taxis through Google Maps in Ireland. The new ordering function will allow users see the estimated availability, price, and travel time to the destination they have requested directions for in Google Maps.

The new function goes live today on Android and iOS. Google Map users can order a Hailo through the Ride Services Tab which is positioned alongside the existing ‘walking’, ‘car’, ‘bike’ and ‘transit’ options in the Google Maps user interface.

The Hailo ordering function has been available to customers in the UK and Spain since March. The addition of the new booking service has worked successfully in both markets and today Ireland is joining the UK and Spain in bringing new functionality to customers.

Tim Arnold, General Manager of Hailo in Ireland said:

“Hailo carries 45,000 passengers every day in Ireland, offering customers a convenient, safe and accessible way to order a licenced taxi. The addition of the Hailo ordering function to Google Maps is a great way to make the Hailo customer journey even more convenient. Google Maps helps millions of people navigate their way around the world. The addition of Hailo to Google Maps in Ireland recognises the key role licensed taxis play as part of Ireland’s transport infrastructure.”

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