Global gaming technology services provider, Xanadu Consultancy, has been awarded a multi-million euro contract to enhance’s betting exchange platform. currently processes 20 million real time transactions per day, and handled over €7 billion worth of betting volume in 2014. The re-architecture will be delivered by a team at Xanadu’s headquarters in Ireland.

“Xanadu already has a deep understanding of the betting exchange market with a number of clients in this area,” said Marvin Sanderson, CTO at Xanadu. “This type of project is ideal for our team. We know that the faster the exchange, the more bets that can be processed. With greater volumes of data being processed more efficiently, the trading platform increases its liquidity.  Xanadu will deliver a highly effective re-architecture for to ensure peak performance and the fastest betting exchange platform for this market-leading client.”

Combined with the greater efficacy of the site, the re-architecture provided by Xanadu will also deliver other technical improvements to the functionality of the site, including the rollout of software updates and new releases without any interruption of service.

Xanadu is actively recruiting for skilled technical team members for their Blackpool offices in Cork. For more information, please visit

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