Today (Tuesday 17th July) is World Emoji Day, so to mark the occasion why not try your hand at Google’s Emoji Scavenger Hunt?

It works like this: the game will show you an emoji, and you have to find its real-world version before time expires. While you search, Google’s advanced artificial intelligence ‘neural network’ will try and guess what it’s seeing – proof that machine learning can be used for more than just the serious and practical applications.

Emojis have become a language all their own, so much so that we use them every day to communicate in texts and emails. These emojis are obviously modelled after their real-world counterparts, which got Google thinking: can we use the power of our phones to find the real world versions of the emojis we use every day?

AI is behind many of Google’s products and is a big priority for the company – today’s game is a fun way of showing how AI already affects your life in ways you might not know, and how people from all over the world have used AI to build their own technology.

So, get out there and find those real-life emojis!



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