WORBLI has partnered with InterBlockchain: together, the two innovation leaders in mass adoption blockchain projects are working to address the biggest challenge in crypto adoption and use – liquidity. Their combined solution will allow online and brick-and-mortar vendors to execute quick, secure transactions to pay for off chain orders on blockchain transferring and exchanging easily between cryptocurrency and common currencies like USD and Euros.

“We are excited to announce our work with InterBlockchain, a leader in breaking the silos of cryptocurrency and allowing everyday users to easily transfer crypto funds, exchange them for local tokens, and turn them into simple dollar and cents payments,” Domenic Thomas, CEO of  WORBLI said. “We are taking a big step toward the next phase when users can take cryptocurrency and use it to make everyday purchases like buying a coffee. That kind of usability has massive implications for the entirety of crypto and traditional financial industries and will disrupt the status quo with new levels of accessibility and security in seamless transfers of one currency to the other.”

By integrating InterBlockchain functionality on the WORBLI Network, sellers, service providers, and consumers will be able to settle off-chain orders with payment on the chain. The solution works with proxies like Euros and USD, allowing consumers to move common currencies onto a fiat crypto bridge where they are exchanged for local tokens to be used for payment.

Exchanges can also be made wallet to wallet without the need for an exchange and transferred across chains and exchange of local tokens for high-value tokens like Bitcoin. Distributed exchanges created on WORBLI will have the same rules and security features of a centralized exchange, including regulatory compliance and KYC and AML requirements – the first for a blockchain network.

Not only will this allow e-commerce with high-value tokens with cost and speed comparable to Visa or Mastercard, but it will also offer users the capacity, for example, to move ERC20 tokens from the Ethereum platform to be hosted now on a more efficient network like WORBLI.

“Through the InterBlockchain network, WORBLI will have access to 70% to 80% of the total crypto capitalization, depending on the market,” said Didier Martin, CEO of InterBlockchain.  “This also includes all USD stablecoins from both the Ethereum and the Stellar platforms. No other blockchain network can currently claim this. Through this innovation, WORBLI and InterBlockchain are essentially disrupting the disrupters.”

With the addition of InterBlockchain to the WORBLI network, developers and vendors using the network will have easy access to this transactional flexibility and will overcome one of the greatest hurdles to mass adoption – the user’s need to know that they can spend their cryptocurrency with the same accessibility and lack of feeds or middlemen as they can with traditional currency. As in the coffee example, users can make transfers wallet to wallet or use the network to convert traditional currency such as USD and Euros seamlessly into local cryptocurrency on the exchange and easily transfer the cost of the real-world purchase to the vendor.

To purchase WORBLI Tokens on the ChainRift Exchange, please register for a ChainRift account here: https://www.chainrift.com/?R=UEQAo


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