Partnering with the leading AML/KYC provider allows WORBLI users swift, one-time verification to use services on the WORBLI Network.

WORBLI, blockchain’s financial district, has signed a partnership with Onfido, the identity verification provider. This partnership will allow for the fast onboarding of people and services to the WORBLI network with full KYC and AML verification.

WORBLI acts like a sister chain or soft fork to the EOS mainnet. The philosophy of financial inclusion forms the ethical core for EOS and WORBLI.

Founder and CEO of WORBLI, Domenic Thomas, explained the WORBLI vision: “At WORBLI, we have a global mindset where we seek to bring financial services to all corners of the globe. We want to bridge the gaps for the people who don’t have access to financial services.”

Partnering with Onfido will allow the swift and seamless verification of clients onto the WORBLI network, reducing complexity and also drop off of applicants facing long delays or clumsy verification.

WORBLI users will only have to undergo AML/KYC once, allowing them to access a myriad of services and applications conveniently. On the WORBLI user account, individuals will be able to sign up with exchanges and be verified almost instantly: they’ll be able to access financial services such as insurance and loans without the usual waiting of days.

Husayn Kassai, CEO and co-founder of Onfido, said, “The world is moving online, but the means to carry out identity verification is frozen in time in an offline world. Millions of people who don’t have a credit history – or just have a thin one – are unable to access everyday services.”

“With our identity verification technology, those underserved people can access online services they need, and businesses can gain access to a whole new group of trusted customers.”

Thomas said, “Being a compliant financial framework, we require the highest standard. Onfido is diligent with all data, and they’re big on GDPR and other regulations, which is vital for our requirements. Onfido uses machine learning and biometric technologies to mitigate the risks around customer onboarding, ensuring the most comprehensive identity verification possible.”

“We have already begun the process of integrating the Onfido identity into our user account,” Thomas said. “We are looking forward to building an incredible user experience that will drive innovation in the distributed ledger industry.”

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