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Solution for a global problem

Stroke effects 15 million people annually on a global scale, with 5 million death rate. Sudden cardiac arrest affects about 430.000 people annually on a global scale, with only 10% survival rate. And arrhythmia effects 3% of the population and many are not even aware of that they have it…

However, 3 out of 4 deaths could be prevented with regular ECG screening and lifestyle change!

Sanatmetal Ltd., a Hungarian company has developed and has been marketing a business card-sized personal ECG device, called WIWE, to enable end users and clinicians alike to pre-screen heart problems outside of the practice and waiting room and to catch irregularities right when they occur and produce symptoms.

The CE mark approved medical device is a one-lead mobile cardiology, which evaluates the ECG wave at clinical grade after a one-minute measurement process. The accuracy of the intelligent algorithm is 98.96%, which refers to its accuracy to detect irregular samples and identify atrial fibrillation. In the case of specificity, the figure is 99,59%, which refers to how accurately the algorithm was able to detect healthy samples out of 10.000 analysed samples. Sanatmetal works closely with medical universities, including Harvard in the USA, where they are planning to connect WIWE to a cloud system for remote monitoring to foresee for instance the chance of a heart attack in a few days advance. WIWE has been used at Hungary’s no. 1 academic medical centre, SOTE Heart Center in Budapest, where it has been successfully used to detect atrial fibrillation (a type of arrhythmia that increases the risk of stroke by 5 times!), a recent clinical study confirms.

WIWE is based on a free smart-device application and it documents heart problems anywhere, anytime, rationalizing the number of patient visits. The measurement results can be shared in a PDF format and can be further evaluated by a clinician. In a worldwide unique way, WIWE can detect the risk of both afib-stroke and sudden cardiac arrest. Moreover, it supports a heart-friendly lifestyle featuring a pedometer and calorie counter. It automatically creates a health journal of the examination results, from which we can follow up the tendencies and the same device can be used by the whole family.


Two major milestones have recently been achieved in the field of clinical and governmental integration in Hungary. WIWE has been included in the Government’s Infocommunication Program for the Elderly through which they now offer free screening with WIWE for people over 65+ in 110 health centers across the country. Following the joint tender announced by Pfizer Pharmaceutical Ltd. and the Hungarian Society of Cardiologists, 60 WIWE devices have been placed into cardiology departments and ambulances across the country for atrial fibrillation screening (a dangerous arrhythmia that increases one’s risk for stroke 5 times).

Besides SOTE, The Heart and Vascular Center of Semmelweis University, WIWE is also available in private hospitals, Apple stores, therapeutics stores and webstores across the EU. GPs, medical universities, cardiology and medicine departments have been using the device too. The registration and sale of the device has started so far in 20 countries. Recently, WIWE got the approval of the Australian Authority (TGA) and expects the FDA approval in Q2 2018.

The NHS, UK, also purchased 100 WIWE device that they plan to put into circulation.

The Chinese distribution started with a minister-level cooperation that was signed by 16 Middle-East European countries and China’s medical minister in June during „The Gate of Health” congress.

The result of more than 30 years of research

Development of WIWE took approximately 2 years and the research behind the algorithm that was conducted by Professor George Kozmann and a team from Pannon University took three decades. During the licensing phase WIWE went through the strict testing period and as a result it was issued the CE mark in medical devices category.

Components from Europe and the USA

The metal components are manufactured at Sanatmetal Ltd.’s 22000 m2 plant in Eger, with 50 years of experience in the field of metal-processing for medical implants. The chips ship from Texas, and altogether we work with 15 suppliers from Europe, primarily from Hungary.

The developer and manufacturer SANATMETAL LTD. has been serving health care with medical devices and implants for the past 50 years in Hungary and abroad. We are market leader in bone surgery in traumatology in Hungary, and are amongst Europe’s TOP 40 companies in the field. 70% of our revenue comes from export, and our products are used in 40 countries in the world, mainly at prestigious universities and hospitals.

For further information please contact:

Adam Csörghe

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