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Yesterday marked 10 years since the first video clip, “Me at the Zoo” was uploaded onto YouTube. Since then, YouTube has dominated online video sharing to the extent that there are people all over the world who have made a living and have a very healthy income as a direct result of their YouTube success. However, those who are fortunate to have had the right idea on YouTube and been in the right place at the right time recognise that at some point the YouTube bubble is going to pop, the question is when?

Facebook is looming overhead and on Wednesday they revealed that its users watch 4 billion videos each day compared with just 3 billion in January this year and 1 billion in September of last year. Facebook’s video content is growing at a huge rate.

Google does not disclose viewership numbers on YouTube however in January 2012 they did reveal that they had reached 4 billion daily views. That was almost seven years after the first YouTube video was posted. What took YouTube seven years to reach has been achieved by Facebook at an alarming rate, mere months have seen growth in viewership at an alarming rate.

If Google are not alarmed they should be. Facebook has the advantage of having a solid social graph which allows for easy sharing and a vast reach in terms of the audience. They are quickly building a video powerhouse in the fraction of time it took YouTube to do and which Google may struggle to match as they have failed to build a social graph in the same way Facebook has.

The days of being a YouTuber could be numbered, thats not to say that YouTube is going to collapse and cease to exist. However perhaps the new leading video medium is going to be lead by Facebook. After dominating the industry for so long, YouTube has never really had threatening competition to be concerned about, well now they do.

So what is the big advantage in this social graph then? What does it even mean? Quite simply put, Facebook delivers video and all its news feed content in the one place. People watching videos on Facebook are already spending time on the service seeing what friends and family are up to. Now they can see video in the same place and not have to head outside of Facebook to do so.

On the other hand, Google has YouTube and Google+, a fractured system that is never going to work. Google+ has been integrated into YouTube but it will never have the reach of Facebook. People simply don’t sit on Google+ refreshing feeds to see what people are up to. They do that on Facebook, hell I don’t think many people even have their close friends on Google+, I know I don’t!

Facebook has the potential to drive content further with their algorithm and the fact that everything is conviently on the same website, you don’t need to head to a different site to catch up on your social media feed. The video and social media content co-exist on Facebook. However on YouTube and Google+ the social media and video content are miles apart even with the integration of Google+ into YouTube.

Facebook is no doubt trying to steal viewers away from YouTube, the question now is how Google is going to respond to such a threat.

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