Hive Digital Assets – a pair of digital asset managers based in Berlin and Mumbai – are launching the first ever swarm intelligence-led DAA onto the investment platform, just as the market seems to be turning for the better. Their Hive Index lets investors buy and hold the 25 most popular crypto assets on the ICONOMI platform, via a single fully liquid investment.

What’s a DAA?

Digital Asset Arrays are the foundation of the ICONOMI platform. Each Array includes various combinations of crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum & EOS. There are currently 25 DAAs on with 60000+ investors and an AUM of over $100 million. DAAs let investors buy and hold multiple cryptocurrencies without needing to create accounts on every single crypto trading platform, or worry about looking after several different crypto wallets.

“We realized that there were many people who wanted to invest in digital assets but didn’t know how, and this was why we founded ICONOMI.” Jani Valjavec – ICONOMI Co-Founder in HowtoToken

How will it Actually Work?

The Hive Index holds the top 25 digital assets on ICONOMI – ranked by the combined dollar holdings of each asset in all the other Digital Asset Arrays (DAAs) on the platform. DAAs with more money invested in them, and DAAs that have grown thanks to the increase in value of their underlying assets, have a proportionately higher influence on our portfolio.

Due to the impressive historical performance of equal weighted strategies they will assign each of the top 25 assets on ICONOMI an equal share in their DAA. If an asset doubles in dollar value they will sell half the position and redistribute the gains. The DAA is rebalanced back to 4% of each Digital Asset on a monthly basis – and assets will be added and removed every quarter in order to reflect the changing sentiment of the crowd.

Who’s Behind the Hive Index?

The Hive Digital Assets founders bring a mixed background of old-world finance and startup experience. Sudhir Kumar is an Investment Banker who has been following blockchain developments since 2015. Having cut his teeth at KPMG, Deloitte & EY he has developed a high degree of expertise in building and analyzing financial models. Malcolm Cannon was one of the original investors in the ICONOMI ICO, and is currently the CMO for Cyberian Mine GmbH, a Berlin based startup bringing sustainable hydro-electric cryptocurrency mining from Siberia to the European market.

They seeded the portfolio with $100,000 dollars of their own money and it has already grown by 24.79% thanks to what looks like the beginning of another bull run for the entire crypto market.

How to Invest

The Hive Index DAA can be purchased on with Bitcoin or Ether. There’s no minimum investment – start with as little as €10. ICONOMI launched their investment platform to the public last year after a successful ICO in 2016. They are one of the few ICO projects that already offers a fully functioning product and are targetting $1 billion AUM by the end of 2018.


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