Will the ethereum platform successfully resolve its current structural challenge? Using ClearPoll to find out more

The Ethereum platform is facing interesting times as they aim to resolve a series of existential challenges that could potentially make or break it’s future usage and increased adoption or not. We are in fast-moving times as many new cryptocurrencies emerge, and it is probable that we will look back in 2019 and beyond and recognise that this was a period of intense format wars, the VHS vs Beta battles of our times. This could be in one to three years time, but equally, it could be in the next three to six months too, such is the fast-moving nature of the crypto and blockchain based world. Breathing heavily on Ethereum’s shoulder is EOS, NEO and several other technologies which claim to offer better faster more superior solutions. On the other hand, Ethereum advocates will counter that their technology is older ( a venerable four years, almost a lifetime in the crypto world these days) and has survived more growing pains and offers a more robust solution. The truth, however, is that no one is really sure, and developers at Ethereum are frantically scrambling to resolve pressing hard fork issues, GAS charges, and other elements that could potentially see the value of ether plunge (or soar) depending on their ability to effectively resolve these questions, and reach agreement fast.

We’re running a poll about this via the new ClearPoll app, which you can download here , and you can then give your opinion here too, or create your own poll as well.

Let us know what you think too, and help to build up a more informed, crowdsourced opinion on this poll and many others too. You can also earn points for every vote your polls receive, plus points for voting on Star Polls or Sponsored Polls. Points are converted into ClearPoll Tokens (a cryptocurrency tradable for Bitcoin). Earn bonus points by holding existing ClearPoll Tokens in your wallet!

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