Remittance need not be complicated and Costly ( the 2 C model).

High-tech advances companies such as ZipCoin Remit are implementing and utilizing web payments, P2P transactions, cyber and digital currency and its blockchain transfer technology to create opportunities to modernize the way vital remittances are transferred across borders, de-banked communities, migrant communities, international students and businesses.

What are the Tokenomics of the project?

Symbol: ZIPCO
Total Tokens: 500 000 000
Price ZIPCO Token: 0.015 usd
Token Type: EOS
Fundraising Goal: 10M
Implied Market Cap: 300 000 000

What problems are you solving?

The stubbornly high cost of remittances
Cut costs while preventing crime- no more carrying bags of cash!
De-risking is threatening the industry

How will it impact your industry?

Cut costs while preventing crime
introduction to low remit fees especially in the emerging markets of Africa to drive out competition within the industry and provide options to our customers
Remittances, delivered through informal or formal channels, are credited with reducing poverty and acting as insurance for the poor in developing countries, (uplift the poor)
create jobs
promote financial inclusion
Remittances enhance growth in poor countries by providing alternative means for financing investment where transactions costs are high
Virtual money, web transfers, Our native remittance app-ZIPCOR, Peer 2 Peer transactions and technology platforms are cutting costs, increasing transparency and saving time for our customers. ZipCoin Remit uses a hybrid payment methods to cater for its customer, there is no one size fit all
Implementing intelligence KYC/AML system capabilities that makes customer on boarding experience a positive user experience

Blockchain technology is used to reduce the cost of remittances according to Chief Executive Officer of ZipCoin Remit, Kim Chivhima.
“We use EOS blockchain technology to create a global network of “market-makers” who transact with each other transparently on the blockchain database”.
Blockchain is best known as the underlying technology behind the virtual currency bitcoin, and it is used by ZipCoin Remit as an open source digital ledger, which keeps a constantly updated record of all transactions, making the platform transparent and secure.
ZipCoin Remit is able to lower the cost of sending remittances by removing correspondent middlemen from the transaction chain. A correspondent middleman is a financial institution that provides services on behalf of another financial institution.

Are there influential people involved in your project?
The legend, forward thinking and the Top Advisor & Senior Editor At Irish Tech News-Simon Cocking?.

Is the project innovative or world-changing?
As a result of ZipCoin Remit’s innovation and world changing mindset, transactions are cheaper for individuals and businesses, with costs of between 1-3 percent, and faster- a transfer which normally takes a week can occur in seconds. We are changing minds on how remittance should and could work. Educating and providing remit awareness to our customers is our mandate. People need to be informed, engaged and give them options to make an informed decision.

How will it impact people’s lives?
ZipCoin Remit bringing in the lowest fee ever been implemented smart contracts in the remittance space and allowing its customers to send extra $$ back to where the funds is needed the most; every step of the way we are uplifting the poor, getting them involved in financial inclusion, providing information, awareness and jobs to these communities is one heck of a humanitarian effort.
When is your launch date?
March 20th, 2019

Where can people buy your tokens?

How can folks find you?

[email protected]
[email protected]

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