Message from ZipCoin Remit CEO-  Kim Chivhima

We believe that every community should be built on a foundation of  financial  inclusiveness,  awareness and collaboration. This requires us to break down the barriers to success by addressing high  remittance cost, key social and economic justice issues in the emerging markets.

That is why we have dedicated our mission to delivering both services, products and commitment that drives the remittance price down by using cutting edge and innovating blockchain technology to help people build strong, vibrant communities of financial inclusion and opportunities to uplift the poor.  Our solution allows people to send more funds to those who need it the most; by charging the lowest standard fee ever to be implemented worldwide. Our culture and mandate is to create and foster places where all people have access to financial inclusion, high quality services, technology  empowered by low remittance fees that foster good health, economic growth, community engagement and interconnectedness.

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Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]







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