Sidera co-founder and CMO, Laura Ruggiero on why having a solid marketing office is crucial for a blockchain start-up.

Why is marketing important for blockchain startups?

Marketing for ICO is extremely important for reaching the project’s success. It’s not only because of the product itself, it’s basically selling the idea. Unfortunately, this is an underestimated aspect in the blockchain world.

Sidera’s huge project, revolutionary and up-to-date idea facilitated my work a lot. It helped me so much that, metaphorically speaking, by reaching out I could have entered the future. For this reason we focused on communication, on a strong and innovative marketing which reflects who we are. We gave birth to “Exsense Marketing” a mix of the already existing Emotional Marketing and Experiential Marketing but with the addition of a real community, changing its perspective. A new way of belonging in which everyone becomes representative of its proper individuality, which cooperates for a series of common objectives going beyond selfish interests and without wearing subjectivity but instead rising its value through 1:1 marketing norms. That is perfectly adapted for the blockchain’s world. With Sidera we created a new Marketing. We are aware of it and very proud.

What is the risk of running a startup that launches its own ICO without an adequate marketing strategy?

First of all, we have to define what does the word “risk” mean. Usually we should not call them risks and problems if we refer to the ones in a project. Sometimes we use these terms inappropriately. Some are “critical points” and it’s important to bear in mind that it’s usually thanks to these that the best opportunities arise. Risk management is the art of trying to predict and prevent risks and to transform critical points into points of strength. Without a good marketing every ICO would increase their chances of being unsuccessful in the management of events and in the gravity of any consequences.

How has the marketing strategy helped Sidera in reaching its goals?

During the last months, we’ve received many compliments from sector’s professionals. This makes us extremely happy because it shows the success in our communication and how much people correctly understood us. The massive answer of our community confirmed to us that we were successful in penetrating the targeted market. Communication’s expansion through this approach enables us to reach bigger and bigger realities. Many became partners of the project and others investors. Going back to the question, I would say that it helped us a lot. Our marketing department is performing in a magnificent way, without failing our internal deadlines but acting with competence, professionalism and, above all, with great enthusiasm and love towards the project. This bodes us well for the future. This positive attitude applied in this constant changing market means to follow a clear scope and the full comprehension of objectives is the first step towards accomplishing them. Sidera is born like an innovative reality and also thanks to its marketing will continue to be one.

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