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An essential part of any SEO strategy is the link building process, and although it is considered to be one of the most challenging parts of SEO, building high quality links from high authoritative sites can make all the difference when it comes to improving the success and traffic of a website.

Link building remains a priority in 2017, 2018, and so on. The method of link building and SEO is forever changing, however, and today the importance of building high quality links has never been higher.

So what has changed since the beginning of SEO?

In the time where SEO began, people would purchase a large quantity of low quality links as an easy way of improving their website rankings. However, due to a dramatic change in Google’s algorithms, this method of link building is now identified as blackhat SEO and any site who chooses to do so will be penalised by search engines. Begging website masters for a link back to your site used to be another great way of retrieving several spammy backlinks to your website. Though this method is no longer effective because Google now focuses a lot more on link quantity, over link quality.

Similarly, nowadays it isn’t just about the quantity of links, but the quality of content matters too.

Only high quality links with natural anchor texts and high quality content will be considered somewhat approvable by Google’s algorithm, and this is something very important to consider in the years to come.

What’s The Big Deal With Link Building?

Link building forms an essential part of any SEO strategy, which takes certain skills to achieve. It is the process of acquiring links from other websites, to your own. Search engines use links to crawl through the web, until they eventually discover new pages on the internet. As well as this, links help the search engines to determine how well a page should rank in search results according to the relevancy the page has to a user’s search. That is why some web pages appear on search results above others.

It should now be somewhat clear to you that the more high-quality links which you have pointing to your website will significantly increase your website’s chances of ranking well.

Whilst link building has certainly got a lot harder over the years, with Google expecting higher quality links from high authoritative and high domain sites, it is still possible to build such links if you follow the right link building strategy in years to come.

How Can Your Website Obtain High Quality Links?

The world of web is getting more competitive by the day. In fact, in 2017 it is becoming harder to receive a link from a high authoritative website, such as Forbes or Huffington Post, due to their high standard entry requirements. This leaves the majority of websites on the internet with only low to medium quality links. So it is almost a race for fresh content and backlinks. That’s why it is essential to consider these few tips for getting backlinks in 2018, all of which are important if you want to rank your business website in 2018 and beyond.

Connecting Through Email

Once you have formed a list of high authoritative sites that you would like to pitch article ideas to, you will need to start thinking about the outreach. This is the most long-winded stage which should take up the majority of your time. Create a great pitch email, which is personalised and shows clarity and relevance to the addresse so that you can fully connect with them. Make it clear to them that you want to write them a great piece of content for their audience to find of value, in exchange for a link to your site from theirs.

Create Good Quality Content

It’s all well and good telling the addressee that you want to write them a great piece of content. But you actually have to do it too. Content is very competitive these days. In fact, the best pieces of content are those in long form, optimised with images, comprehensive and provide value for the audience.

Before beginning to write content, have a look at what content is already out there on the net. Take into consideration topics for content which have experienced a lot of engagement, and those bits that haven’t. Write something that you know people want to read. However, make sure that the content is somewhat unique and fresh because this way websites will want to publish your content so that their audience have valuable information to read.

Build Engagement

Writing high quality content for sites not only provides you with a link in exchange, but also builds engagement. If the content is of high quality, then people are more likely going to engage with the content by sharing it for others to read. This in time will raise your company’s brand awareness and show off your knowledge within the industry.

Link building is very important when it comes to SEO, and remains essential through to 2018 and beyond. There is a whole lot more competition when it comes to creating fresh content and building links from high authoritative sites. These are things you must consider when looking to rank your website and build success in the upcoming years.

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